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How does a jogging pushchair differ from a normal pushchair?

I never really thought about jogging pushchairs and how they differ from any other type of large-wheeled, all-terrain pushchairs. In my head, I couldn’t see why you couldn’t just jog with any pushchair.

Then we got a BOB Revolution Pro. And I very quickly realised just why a jogging pushchair makes life a lot easier for, well, jogging. This is a serious pushchair, with very specific features designed for the purpose of jogging or running with your pushchair.

The wheels are larger than any buggy I’ve used. They are like mini bicycle wheels, and they ensure that it’s as smooth as possible a ride for your child, even at high speeds.

There is a hand brake above the BOB’s handlebar. At first, I wondered why you would need to use this, but putting it into practise, it makes slowing to a stop a lot smoother for the child in the seat. No one wants a relaxed and /or sleeping baby being jolted to a halt.

The front wheel is lockable – so no erratic wheel swivelling when you are jogging at high speeds.

The low sling seat back is designed, again, to give maximum comfort for a child travelling faster than the average pushchair. Initially, I was baffled as to why the most upright position on the seat back is so reclined. Until I realised that it’s a far comfier position for a little jogging passenger to be in, rather than sat bolt upright.

As a purpose-built jogger, the BOB Revolution Pro excels. If you want to jog with your child in tow, this will be the comfiest ride for them, as well as being FAR easier for you than attempting to jog with your standard pushchair.

bob revolution pro



Sam tells me the BOB also passes the ‘child falls asleep on route, so you can curtail your jog for a pint’ test with flying colours too. 

I know a lot of people also use the BOB as their everyday pushchair. For me, I think for trips to the shops and for slinging in the boot of the car, my personal preference would be to opt for one of our other pushchairs. This is because the BOB takes up more space in our car boot, and because of the reclined seat (Rory will generally prefer to sit upright if he is awake, especially if we are out all day).

We live in London, and 90% of our routes are pavement and/or busy buses and trains. If we lived further out of the city and our terrain was mostly parks and off-road, I could see a lot more appeal in using the BOB as my everyday pushchair (here’s the part where I start  imagining dog walks in the countryside). But for now, an umbrella-fold pushchair is most practical for day-to-day use.

As for my ‘jogging with baby’ regime? Well, I did my usual routine of “Get all amped up, throw myself into a new health regime that is going to CHANGE MY LIFE, and then slowly let work and life and tiredness and biscuits take centre stage again.

But BOB is like a good friend – He’s dependable and I know he’s always there. And when I do finally get my act together, he’ll accept my apologies for being crap at meeting up, and we’ll slip into our old ways straight away, running in sync like no time has passed at all.

(This is what happens when I write blog posts in the evening, as opposed to the morning, when there is typically less wine).

The BOB Revolution Pro retails at £455.00 and you can purchase it here.


Our BOB Revolution Pro was provided for review purposes as part of our role as Britax Ambassadors. 

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  1. I love this review. I love how you’ve said you would personally rather a pushchair you can throw in the boot but have still said how this pushchair suits a jogging lifestyle. I looks so roomy for Rory! x

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