We already have the lunch box and day bag, there is no need for uniform or school shoes, there are no new teachers or buildings to get used to. Arlo is going into his second full year of preschool, and this year will be one of the oldest children in the class. He absolutely loves preschool and is so comfortable with his routine there.

I am fully aware (and loving!) that this is a very easy going year for us, education-wise. There are no adjustment to be made – that comes next September when Arlo starts big school and Rory starts preschool (probably).

The only back to school prep we’ve really had to do is to buy Arlo’s next load of clothes for the coming year. After a long summer, his 3-4 year trousers are suddenly swinging above his ankles, and his t-shirts look like crop tops.

Rory gets a wardrobe full of hand-me-downs, but as the eldest, Arlo needs a whole new set of clothes every time he grows. Yes, it does put a considerable dent in the budget, but there is something so fun about having to curate a whole new wardrobe for Arlo each year. And with some very strong unisex collections from the high street brands, it’s looking set to be a bright and colourful A/W for my boys.

Here are my A/W 2014 picks from House of Fraser:

house of fraser children's clothes

1. Bonnie Baby knitted sweater £24.50 (also comes as an all-in-one, soooo cute).

2. Polarn O. Pyret Wraparound bodysuit £14.00

3. Toby Tiger padded jacket – reduced to £29.39

4. Petit Bateau graphic print sleepsuit £25.00

5. Petit Bateau 3 pack short sleeve bodysuits £18.00

Arlo CAN . NOT . WAIT to get back to preschool. He is bursting with stories to tell his teachers – about how he has started writing words, about his summer holiday adventures, and about his new book that is set in actual park where his preschool is.

Next on the agenda for Autumn will be looking around the local primary schools in preparation for September 2015 – eek!


Post written on behalf of House of Fraser and their Back to School campaign. Thanks House of Fraser for partnering with Sorry About The Mess. 


  1. We have that Toby Tiger jacket print as a snowsuit, I think, and we absolutely adore it. Vastly too cute – I’d probably wear a grown-up version! I think I’m going to have to buy the Bonnie Baby jumper, too.

    HONESTLY, Chloe! Your blog is always so bad for my bank balance. 😉

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