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I am currently writing this from our holiday villa in Spain.


We have taken our Graco Featherweight with us, in order to put it through its paces as a travel / holiday pushchair.

The Graco Featherweight is one of the lightest pushchairs you can get. It weighs a tiny 3.6kg (that’s lighter than my boys weighed at birth!). It also has an integral shoulder strap, making it a very convenient travel partner.

What is the Graco Featherweight great for?

  • Plane journeys
  • When you need to save space in the car boot
  • Travelling on the tube (you can fold it and carry it over your shoulder during the escalator bit)
  • When your child only occasionally needs a pushchair

graco featherweight

What would I NOT use the Graco Featherweight for?

  • Off-roading / any terrain that is not smooth
  • If I have a lot of things to transport (minimal basket space)

The Graco Featherweight as a holiday pushchair

We have been really enjoying using our Graco Featherweight whilst on holiday. Before we left, I was a bit apprehensive about whether it would be as good an option as taking our usual travel pushchair – a basic umbrella fold stroller. But my worries ceased after our first day of using the Featherweight, when I realised it handles just as well as our umbrella pushchair, except that it’s much lighter and saves us a lot more space in the car as the fold is more compact.

We have been sightseeing in a lot of old medieval Spanish towns – cobbled streets galore. The Featherweight hasn’t exactly glided over this type of terrain, but it manages OK. And again, manages no worse than our umbrella fold stroller. Plus, it’s so light that it’s easy enough to pick up and carry down steps / for very bumpy portions of road, etc.

A few days ago, we wanted to visit a secluded cove, accessible only via a clifftop walk and climbing over the rocks down to the beach. I had the Featherweight slung over my shoulder, which I could hardly feel (Sam had the tougher job carrying baby Otto, who is far heavier!) Taking our Featherweight with us rather than using a baby carrier for this journey, meant that when it came to Otto’s nap time, I had somewhere shaded and comfortable for him to sleep, whilst the rest of us played and swam.

The Graco Featherweight can be used from birth up to 15kg, which is approximately 3 years of age. It has a lie flat recline, which we have been finding very useful for Otto’s nap times on the beach or by the pool.

holiday pushchair

What would make the Graco Featherweight better?

An extendable handle bar – it’s a comfortable height for me at 5.6 but I think anyone nearing 6ft and over would struggle. Sam is 5.9 and says it is slightly too low for him.

Better sun protection. The hood is quite small and doesn’t offer much shade. An extendable hood would be a great addition to make this lightweight pushchair a really great holiday option.

Will we continue to use our Graco Featherweight as a holiday pushchair?

The Featherweight is not going to replace our regular pushchair. For everyday use, I need a bigger basket and wheels that are better equipped to handle curbs and uneven terrain. But, as a travel and holiday pushchair, it’s really pretty useful, and we will definitely be using it for more trips in future.

With a retail price of £99, we think the Graco Featherweight makes an excellent holiday pushchair option.


This review has been written as part of my Generation Graco ambassador role. All opinions are my own. 

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  1. This looks fab for taking away with you. I’ve been looking for something for holidays that I can throw in the boot of the car and doesn’t take up the whole space!

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