We’ve always had a washer dryer. A serious lack of space in our previous house, meant having a separate washing machine and tumble dryer impossible.



One of my very first thoughts when we exchanged on our bigger, family home was “We will be able to have a washing machine AND a tumble dryer!!”

Living with just the one machine for everything has become a challenge. Especially as our family has grown over the years, and especially in the winter months when pretty much everything needs to be tumble dryed. And the days where someone has an accident in their bed and a duvet needs to be washed and dried? Well, you can pretty much forget about everything else in the laundry basket for the next day at least.

When you think about it, add up a washing cycle that averagely takes 1.5 hours to a drying cycle of 2.5 hours, and I’d be lucky to complete more than one load of laundry per day.

So, when we had the chance to work with AO.com and review both a washing machine and tumble dryer, it’s fair to say I was slightly excited.

Our new washing machine is the AEG 700 Series L7FBE941R 9Kg Washing Machine, and our new tumble dryer is the AEG 7000 Series T7DBE831R Heat Pump Tumble Dryer

Two AO installers came to deliver our new machines. They did absolutely everything without us having to lift a finger, and even took all the packaging away with them. Within 20 minutes, we were left with two fully functioning machines that were ready to go, having been installed and test-run by the AO technicians. I wasted no time in getting my first laundry load on the go.

The washing machine has a whopping 9kg load capacity, which is a whole 2kgs bigger than our last machine, and I REALLY notice the difference. The tumble dryer also has a much bigger loads capacity of 8kgs, and dries clothes in half the time of our old tumble dryer. I had previously assumed that all heat pump dryers were created equal – apparently not, as our new dryer is clearly much more efficient.

The two machines look really smart, and as superficial as it sounds, I am glad we went for a matching set. Eventually, the plan is to build floor to ceiling cupboard housing around them so we can close the doors and hide away our utility corner. But for now, whilst everything is on show, it looks a lot tidier having two machines that match, and that also fit in with the monochrome colour scheme of our kitchen.

And now to my laundry productivity – not only do our new machines wash and dry faster and more effectively than our old combined machine, the simple fact of having two machines means my laundry routine is much more streamlined. There is no longer a mountain to climb to get to the bottom of the laundry pile.

To put it simply, going from one washer dryer to to separate machines has been life changing. Not in that big way like when a huge event sparks off a new adventure, but in a very run-of-the-mill, predictable way. But, just because it’s an everyday change, it doesn’t mean I should play it down. I won’t even attempt to make an apology for writing about something so mundanely everyday. Laundry is something that I do every single day, a change to that routine for the better, is quite frankly, worth at least ONE hugely profound life changing moment in my eyes.


Thanks to AO.com for providing our new washing machine and tumble dryer for the purpose of this review.

You can also find my video reviews below:

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