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I might have three young children and a lot on at this time of year, but that wasn’t going to stop me from steaming through all six hours of Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life within 30 hours of it’s release on Netflix. Oh no.

Whilst watching A Year In The Life, I noted down every ‘in the moment’ thought that I had.

79 thoughts I had whilst watching Gilmore Girls A Year In The Life


gilmore girls year in the life



gilmore girls a year in the life winterWINTER

I’ve been nervous to start this. OK let’s do it.

Hmmm. Not convinced by this first scene. I’m worried.

Rory looks old. Will I get used to this?

Lauren Graham still spot on with her delivery.

Rory’s boyfriend that everyone forgets. The show is getting warmer.

Lorelai, Rory and Emily together!

Massive painting LOLs.

Oh, Richard.

OK. I’ve adjusted now. It feels natural.

Lorelai doesn’t like Twitter? Genuine surprise. She’d be great on twitter.

Jason! He was always my favourite of Lorelai’s temporary boyfriends.

Michel is finally allowed to be officially gay.

Paris’s entrance. The perfect invasive way to re-introduce her. I love Paris.

Rory is in London. Who is she talking to? WHAT? WHAT IS GOING ON??

Oh. An agreement. OK.

Ooof. Bad hair, Zack.

Is Lorelai losing her pop culture knowledge? She would know Marie Kondo, surely.

Emily and the jeans scene. Emily for LYFE.

gilmore girls year in the life spring


I like that Dan’s middle two episodes are bookended by Amy’s. Good symmetry there and should help with the pacing.

Mrs Kim! I’ve been waiting for you.

Is this Mr Kim’s first ever appearance?

Booooo. Mitchum.

Am loving the way they keep bringing past characters in with no warning.

Oh, they are allowed to say “dick” now because it’s Netflix.

You’re in London, Logan. You’ve probably been living there for years. You’re not paying for that wine in dollars.

Therapy sessions are the new Friday night dinners.

The maid hasn’t been fired yet. It’s been two episodes.

“Now I’m not in the habit of quoting Joseph Stalin…” I love you, Paris.

Rory has made 3 phone calls whilst looking after Paris’s kids. They’ve not interrupted once. Unheard of in my house.

Was that an Amber from Parenthood / Lorelai moment with the cro-dough-cakes? It is! Cool nod to her other on-screen daughter.

There are a lot less pop culture references in this so far. Did they tone them down intentionally?

Sasha fron Bunheads is fitting this Sandee Says role perfectly.

Lauren Graham looks the same. Well done Lauren Graham.

Ah the familiar territory of Rory in crisis and Lorelai watching on as she tries to figure it out.

gilmore girls year in the life summerSUMMER

Stars Hollow has a pool?

April is 22. Why does she look 15?

Lorelai is watching The Returned and they are clarifying that it’s the French Returned. La Revenants is SO. GOOD.

They are really showcasing La Revenants. Amazing.

Stop running back to your married / engaged ex-boyfriends, Rory.

Unless I missed one before, that was the first game of thrones reference. Surprised it’s taken till the third episode.

Talking of things that haven’t made an appearance yet – the theme tune. I don’t miss it.

Some top Michel lines – child molester, baby ordering. Just like the old days.

Loving the secret bar hi jinks. Totally appropriate for modern Stars Hollow.

This is great and all, but where’s Jess? I’m ready for some Jess now.

It’s whatsherface from Bunheads and the joke is that she looks like Lorelai. More in-jokes, I like it.

This musical interlude is glaringly missing some Sookie and Lorelai quips. Sookie, your absence is noticed.

Jess knows what Rory needs. They both understand writing. They encourage each other. This is them summed up in one scene.

gilmore girls year in the life fallFALL

(Disclaimer – I’m watching this one drunk. Which is either a really good idea or a really bad one).

This book or movie bit is good. More classic Gilmore writing please.

I love Jess.

Life and Death Brigade. I love that there is absolutely NOTHING in this revival for new viewers. It’s completely and utterly for the fans and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

But… Logan, it’s really time you bore off now.

Ok. This looks like the Logan goodbye. Good.

Adam from Parenthood as a park ranger. They are going out in real life, aren’t they?

Lorelai though of a story about her dad! The best story! Emotional.

I’m reduced to monosyllabic sentences now.

Luke and Lorelai reunite in the kitchen. That was very sweet. This is a really strong beginning to the end.

She’s going to write her family story at her granddad’s desk. I’m feeling the feels.

A convenient nunnery in stars hollow that’s never been mentioned before. Perfect for Lorelai to expand her inn empire. Who’d have thought hey?

Lorelai deserves this wedding to finally happen.

Emily taking down the DAR – perfect.

I can feel the end ramping up.

I might be reduced to talking in just emojis in a minute.

Christopher. Kind of forgot that we hadn’t seen him yet.

Oh, and Dean, we need to see Dean too.

The circle of life. Heart emoji.

Taught me what safe feels like. Heart breaking emoji.

Cornstarch. Tears streaming emoji.

This episode has been spot on so far. Spot. On.

DON’T GO JESS. No, no, he’s not over it. He’s her Luke.

The wedding. They’ve done this really well. It’s dreamlike. It works in a slightly absurdist Stars Hollow way.

Sookie not being at the secret wedding is glaringly obvious, though. Damn you, Melissa McCarthy.

Lorelai and Rory are sitting by the gazebo.

I get the feeling this is the final scene, but it feels too early.

Is this the last scene? *pauses TV so I can see the time bar*. Yep, I think this is it.

Final four words coming up.

Oh. OK.

Letting it sink in…

100% happy with that. Full circle. It feels complete.


Have you watched A Year In The Life yet? Are you happy? Dissatisfied? What was your favourite bit? 

Are you desperate for more episodes or do you think enough is enough now?


  1. Ah I love you! Oh Richard indeed – didn’t know actor had died. Yes Mr Kim has never appeared to my knowledge I was like waaaaaat?! Emily in Jeans and the whole Marie Kondo thing made my life!! You don’t miss the theme tune?? What?? It is the thing that has most bothered me about the new episodes…. ‘all you have to do is callllll my naaaame and I’ll be there on the next traaaaain’. Had to stop at Summer as baby cried so have’t watched Fall yet. I am not ready for it to be over – I need about another 50 episodes of these ladies. They. are. the. best. x

    1. Fall was good. Really really good. But I need to watch it again as I’m not sure if my alcohol consumption was doing the talking. I find the theme tune really grating, it did feel weird not to have it, though.

  2. Loved this post, just finished it all and feel so sad that’s it’s over. Did you notice that Emily’s Maid Berta is Gypsy!
    I also feel I need to go back and watch it all again.

  3. Yes! Loved the ending and all the Parenthood characters popping up (we need the rest series of that over here)! Apparently the Maid Berta was Gypsy well the actress that plays her! Binge watched in one go friday as soon as they were released! I cried too.. A lot! It definitely needed more Sookie & Jess, #TeamJess always! Dont know if Id like more now though it seemed a perfect Gilmore Girls end x

  4. A) I don’t know what parenthood is and I feel I’m missing out…
    B) You were far more restrained than me for the final four words…I screamed…I literally screamed and refused to speak to Jon for at least 10 minutes until it had sunk in.
    C) I just love you Chloe! I just adore that you blogged this.

  5. I LOVED that you blogged about it in this way! Such a good idea.
    I’ve not seen Parenthood so totally feel like I’m missing out on some inside jokes. I’ll have to try and watch it, is it on anything over here? x

  6. BLOODY EXCELLENT POST – some of your comments are like you are in my head. I am so sad it is finished. Emily was my favourite through out this whole 4 episodes xxx

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