We watch a lot of film and TV in this house.


Like many other parents, it’s basically how Sam and I spend every evening since we had kids.

I adore film, but I think my love really lies in TV shows. There’s just something about delving into a world, knowing that you have numerous episodes ahead and plenty of time to explore characters and plot, rather than the quick burnout of a film.

When I fall for a TV show, I love knowing that there is more to come. I can sit back, get comfy, binge watch if I have the time (Hah, what’s that?), and then go through an inevitable mourning phase after the finale.

When a TV show comes to an end and leaves you crying out for more, you know it’s good.

Need a new TV show to watch? Here are my recommendations.

Love TV Show Netflix



Mickey and Gus are trying, and failing spectacularly, at dating.

I steamed through the 10 episodes of Love during the first few weeks with Baby O. It’s one of those that doesn’t seem to quite know what it is at the beginning, but it has some really standout episodes. By the end, I was hooked and fully rooting for the dysfunctional characters who just want to find love, but don’t seem to be doing a very good job of it. And the great news is, there’s a season 2 on the way.

It’s a comedy written by Judd Apatow, and at times can feel heavier on the male perspective, but there’s a ton of female relatability in there too. (As an aside, I enjoyed that the girls all have boys names – Mickey, Sean, and Bertie). If you like Girls, you’ll probably like Love.

Going by the title, I thought it was going to be a show more for women, so I watched this on my own, but this is definitely one that I probably should have watched with Sam as it follows the male and female characters equally and there’s no hint of girly rom-com.

Warning: You will wish you lived near to Gus so you could join in with his movie theme tune hangouts (“We make theme tunes for the movies that don’t have them”).

Selfie TV show


I was one of many proclaiming it an injustice that this show was cancelled at the point that it was. The pilot episode is tricky to warm to, but it gets really funny, and the characters are very loveable.

It’s a modern take on My Fair Lady, with Eliza calling upon Henry to improve her standing both on social media and in the real world. This is an easy watch and the episodes are short – If you like Kimmy Schmidt or New Girl, you’ll probably get on with Selfie.

Warning: From the promo photos to the gimmicky premise, everything about this show looks… a bit crap. But it’s actually quite good. Trust Me.

Stranger Things

Stranger Things

This is a bit of an obvious one to pick seeing as you can’t avoid the hype about this right now, but it’s so, so good. You need to watch it.

From the acting, the storyline, the 80s vibe, there is so much to love about Stranger Things. I LOVE all things 80s, and ET is my all-time favourite film, so it was a no-brainer that I was going to love a series that is heavily influenced by both of these things.

WHEN is someone going to get me a Raleigh Chopper bike? I’ve only been asking for 20 years.

Warning – Sorry to break the fourth wall, but did you know that Eleven is British? And they are all on Instagram – I’m obsessed.

Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights

Oh, Friday Night Lights, which in my eyes should really be called the Tami Taylor Show, because she is by far the best thing in it. I was spurred on to watch Nashville purely off the back of Connie Britton’s acting in Friday Night Lights. She is one great lady.

This is a story about teenagers. And family. And baseball.

But it’s also a story about Tami Taylor being the most kickass lady ever, y’all (Did I mention her already?)

Warning: Season 2 is a bit WTF, but keep going. Also, Crucifictorious.

Parenthood TV Show


Parenthood follows the Braverman family – four grown up sons and daughters with their own young families, headed up by grandparents Zeek and Camille as the patriarch and matriarch of the large, extended family.

If you are after a lengthy heartwarming series to delve into, this is a great one. It’s about families, life, and ordinary struggles.

I picked up Parenthood of the back of Friday Night Lights, both shows sharing Jason Katims as producer. The subject matter is different, but the themes of joy and heartbreak are similar.

With 6 series you will be spoilt for character development and story lines. Every scene with Max is outstanding, and Kristina is my favourite Braverman, for the record. Parenthood also wins my award for best soundtrack ever in a TV series.

Warning: It can occasionally get a teensy bit TOO cheesy for a hardened cynic like me, but other moments will hit you right in the feels.


Summer Heights High

Released almost ten years ago now, this is very old news, but I had to put it in here, as it remains hands down the funniest comedy I’ve ever ever watched.

Summer Heights High is an Australian “mockumentary” comedy about high school life. I first watched this in the days before the BBC adopted it, and immediately implored all my friends to watch it. It’s definitely one of those YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS shows.

It brings a new, laughable light to the familiarity of those high school days, and every character (all played by Chris Lilley) is perfect. I’ve watched every thing Chris Lilley has done before and after, but nothing quite compares to Summer Heights High.

Warning: The songs will stay with you forever.


Gilmore Girls

My ultimate feel-good series. I’ve watched the whole 7 seasons about 10 times and starting again from the beginning always feels akin to diving into a warm blanket. Gilmore Girls is my comfort watch. It’s about mother daughter relationships and if you are a mother or a daughter and haven’t seen it yet, I implore you to watch it.

I first watched Gilmore Girls in 2001 – I switched it on because there was a character with my favourite name (Rory) and even more intriguingly, she was a girl. And then I didn’t stop watching.

The whole thing is on Netflix now, and excitingly there is going to be one last ‘reboot’ season after YEARS of requests from fans of the show. It’s out at the end of November. November!!

Warning: Yes, you WILL find yourself declaring yourself part of a ‘team’ when it comes to Rory’s love choices. (Jess, OBVIOUSLY.)


Les Revenants

This is my favourite series out of the ones I’ve listed here (well, apart from Gilmore Girls but that’s my ULTIMATE). The French one, not the American remake – I haven’t seen that so can’t comment.

Set in an Alpine Village with a lake and some serious small-town vibes, Les Revenants is immediately intriguing as people who have been dead for years suddenly begin returning back to their families.

This show is spooky and extremely ambient – getting Mogwai to do the music was a genius idea. We’ve just finished the last episode of Season 2 and I am still thinking about it.

Warning: It’s subtitled, so you can’t look at your phone throughout the series.

What’s your favourite TV show? What are you watching at the moment? If you’ve watched any of the shows I’ve mentioned, do you agree with my choices?


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