disney tsum tsum toys


I’m supposed to write that I’ve not been blogging lately because I’m busy with work.

Which is true.

Not so much of the photography variety – that’s become trickier to schedule too far in advance, not knowing if Sam will be away with work (no Sam = no childcare).  I am, however, doing a lot more writing and social media work, which, luckily for me,  isn’t dependant on childcare or daylight hours.

I have been meaning to publicise this a bit more, but as per my usual excuse, I haven’t yet got round to it. So, for now, please treat this as my ‘work with me’ announcement/page – if you are looking for awesome content, or any kind of social media help, from a one-off advice session to helping you manage a project on a more long term basis, get in touch.

But, the other reason I’ve not been blogging as much lately is less of a ‘proper’ excuse. Because when there’s no work left to do, when I could be blogging, I’ve been dedicating all my time to feverishly playing games on my phone.

I think they call it ‘procrastination’.

(Lesser known fact about me – I like to play games obsessively until I reach my peak skill. I once dedicated around a year to becoming REALLY GOOD at Tetris. Worth it.)

I find games therapeutic. I’ve mentioned before that I don’t much like to sit still in the evenings when Sam’s away. It heightens my anxiety and I’m too aware of the quiet (until one of the kids wakes up, that is) Playing games fills that void, as I can sit, and play, and kind of zone out from my worries at the same time.

And so it has come to be that the entire family has become rather fond of a little game called Disney Tsum Tsum. First it was me, then Arlo joined in, and where Arlo goes, Rory follows. Lastly, Sam downloaded it on his phone to see what all the fuss was about, and then he didn’t put it down.

During the height of our obsession, Sam and I were having nightly strategy chats, discussing our gameplay tactics and the pros and cons of each Tsum character. If you substitute the Homeland intro for the Disney Tsum Tsum theme, it’s WAY more fun.

disney tsum tsum toys

disney tsum tsum toys

Last week, Arlo, Rory and I went along to the Disney Store on Oxford Street. Not only did I think it would be a great way to get them excited about our upcoming trip to Disneyland, but it was the launch of the Disney Tsum Tsum range of soft toys.

Arlo and Rory had a GREAT time eating cookies as big as their heads and impressing everyone with their Tsum Tsum gaming skills (Rory bowled straight over to the ipad as soon as we arrived. No messing around).


The soft toys are really quite cute, and surprisingly not-too-pricey – there are three sizes, with the littlest ones being the pocket money price of £3 each. I can clearly see the appeal for people who like to build collections of cute things. This could easily be the next ‘Beanie Babies’.


Thanks to the Disney Store for inviting us along and sorry again about using up all of your Tsum Tsum lives.

disney tsum tsum toys



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