As part of my role as a Britax Mumbassador, we’ve been testing out the Britax B-Motion 3 pushchair for the past few months, here’s our full Britax B Motion 3 review.

Things I love about the Britax B Motion 3

The Britax B Motion 3 seat is large, and there’s lots of space under the hood. This is a seat that both my boys can use easily – the three year old and the eight month old  – the versatility of the Britax B Motion 3 suits my growing family very well at this point in time.


The Britax B Motion 3 works with Britax infant car seats, making the B-Motion 3 a viable travel system option from birth onwards – this means that it’s much less bulky and much faster to put up/fold down than my existing travel system, the only consideration for me is the forward facing seat, as ideally I prefer to have my very young baby facing me.

There is a very roomy and easily accessible basket on the Britax B Motion 3. As well as the generous basket, there’s a huge pocket on the fabric on the back of the pushchair which is really handy for all the bits you like to have quick to hand, and works very well as a ‘parent pocket’ – for money, phones, beakers, travelcards, cameras, etc.

On this particular outing, we had my rucksack/changing bag, lunchbag, raincover, and snoozeshade all fitting easily into the basket.

The Britax B Motion 3 is really nice to push. It feels light and easy. The first time we took the B-Motion out, I kept saying to Sam how nice it was to push. It was a real surprise as, to me, it doesn’t particularly look like the niftiest of pushchairs. The big wheels on the Britax B Motion 3 worked great in the park, providing a really smooth ride. This is a worthy off-road option.

I have mentioned in the past that I prefer four wheel pushchairs to three wheel pushchairs, however the B-Motion 3 is a really sturdy buggy, even when ‘off-roading’ – it doesn’t seem to matter that it is a three-wheeler, I don’t notice a difference. There is also a four wheel version available, the Britax B-Motion 4.

britax b-motion 3 review


Arlo – an average 3.5 year old – in the Britax B-Motion 3,  with plenty of room left under the hood. The b-motion will definitely see your child through until they no longer need a pushchair.

Things I don’t like so much about the Britax B Motion 3:

I don’t particularly like the backrest adjust mechanism. It seems fiddly at first, and I still haven’t managed to adjust the seat position smoothly. Sam gets on better with it, so maybe it’s just me. It’s different to any other backrest adjust I’ve used. But I like that it means you can adjust the back to any recline you like rather than be stuck with three settings, none of which might be ideal for your child.

britax b-motion 3

I don’t think the B-Motion 3 would work well with a buggy board. There is no room for a standing child to fit between the handle and the seat, they would have to stand in front of the handle, meaning the adult would be too far away from the handle and would have to stoop to push. As our current buggy needs are buggy plus buggy board, this affects my decision to use the B-Motion 3 on a regular basis, but it is great as an occasional-use pushchair, when I know Arlo will be on his bike or walking the whole way.

On one hand – the Britax B Motion 3 could be a really good pushchair for public transport, as it has the mega easy one-handed fold, and the fold is compact. On the other hand, unfolded it’s not as compact as a Maclaren so not the best for squeezing into the buggy park on buses, etc.

Britax B Motion 3 review

Sam’s opinion on the Britax B Motion 3

“Smooth enough steer. Like the fact the seat can be lowered into any angle, and smoothly too. Means if you had a kid in there that was fast asleep you don’t have that drop to the flat setting you can just lower it to where you want. Likewise, the option to have the hood at all different angles, with the mesh zip panel bit, are all nice options.”


“Quite wide when collapsed, I had to take a wheel off to get it in the boot. This might just be because Arlo’s bike was in the way – I can confirm that it was because the pushchair had been awkwardly placed in the boot with Arlo’s bike. I have since been able to fit the Britax B-Motion 3 with wheels attached into the boot of our Ford Focus (and Arlo’s bike too. Hah.)

“A lot of velcro connections for the material, Could get tattier and less sticky with frequent use.”

britax b-motion 3 in car boot

The Britax B-Motion 3 in the back of our Ford Focus (excuse the other junk – confusingly, the bumper bar is from another pushchair and wasn’t being used with the B-Motion 3). I was particularly impressed with how much space was left in the boot. Our travel system takes up every inch of available space in the boot.

If your terrain is mainly towns and cities, the Britax B-motion 3 will provide a smoother ride, but you may find that a smaller, umbrella-fold pushchair would fair better on public transport and in shops with tight spaces, etc. If you need a really roomy pushchair that will last your child until past three years of age, handles well off-road, and folds down compactly for small car boots, the Britax B-Motion 3 is one to strongly consider.

The verdict on our Britax B Motion 3 review

The factors involved in choosing the right pushchair will be different for everyone. Personally, we have been using the B-Motion 3 for park trips and for trips out of London where we know there will be rougher terrain. When going into the city, we have hesitated in using the B-motion 3, opting for the safer public transport bet of our Maclaren, but I always miss the smoother ride and ease of pushing that the B-Motion offers over an umbrella-fold pushchair.

britax b-motion 3

britax b-motion 3


Disclosure: We were provided with a Britax B-Motion 3 for review purposes.

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