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With a tagline like, “For a colourful childhood”,  Peekaboo Shop was bound to be my kind of thing.

My eyes were naturally drawn to the bedding section  (is it just me that finds it really hard to find good quality, tasteful, unisex bedding for children? It’s either cars, dinosaurs or sweet, sickly pink), so I was really excited to see some fun, well designed fitted bedsheets in cotbed size.

peekaboo shop bed sheets


Here’s Rory kindly modelling the feathers design. It is 100% cotton, and in the flesh it feels a very good, long lasting, quality. I love the way these look on the boys’ beds (Rory’s mattress is the smaller, cot-sized but I just tuck more of the sheet underneath so it fits snugly) – it’s pure fun without being boyish or just plain tacky.


Peekaboo Shop also popped one of their hen pillow’s in with our package, it’s a fun design that looks great in a children’s bedroom, and it’s also the ideal shape to use as a breastfeeding pillow (or a neck pillow, as Sam has taken to using it of an evening), and is made of the same thick, soft material as the baby blankets. 




Disclosure: Items were provided for review purposes. 

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  1. I’m a complete fabric junkie and these beautiful products definitely feed that addiction! Think I may even need to invest in a cars toddler blanket for John.

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