Yes, an odd name, and I would be interested to know how the concept of clipping a bunny to your bra has gone down with breast cancer sufferers and supporters, but I can see that the heart is in the right place with this fundraising effort, even if the product may not be.

Whilst I’m not sure I would place this product on my bra, and I do think it would be better under a different name, the bunny also clips happily to a bag, shoe, hat, or other clothing, and I could see this product being worn by individuals raising money for Cancer Research, marathon runners, etc, as a symbol of their support. The BraBunny costs £4.99 and £1 is donated for Breast Cancer Awareness on behalf of Cancer Research UK.


The company sell other products, like chocolate and cards, which also raises money for Cancer Research. I pretty much ate the whole thing as soon as my sample chocolate bar arrived, so I can attest to its quality. You can buy online, or there is a list of stockists on the website.

A worthwhile option to consider if you want to buy a gift for someone and contribute to charity at the same time.

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