No, this is not a post about 1991 film Hook, although I kind of want to write about that now. Sam and I play the soundtrack all the time. Arguably, one of John Williams’ best.

(We have have a game in this house called The John Williams Challenge. Because a lot of his themes are based on the same notes, it’s extremely hard to go from humming one straight into another one. Seriously, have a few wines and try going from Superman, to Indiana Jones, to Star Wars, to ET. Then try throwing Jurassic Park and Hook into the mix. I can do it, Sam can’t. Enough said.)

What I’m actually talking about is the online flash sale website, Bamarang.

When Bamarang contacted me to ask whether I might like to talk about their products in return for a voucher to spend on the site, I immediately thought of Arlo.

Their flash sale on children’s toys and clothing starts today. I’ve been eyeing up this Elmer push along toy in particular. Fab colours, and Arlo still enjoys his walker on a daily basis. And we all know that he bloody loves a train set.

There is also a good range of garden toys, which is at the front of my mind at the moment what with summer approaching…supposedly.

But then I thought of myself. And our half-decorated house that could do with all number of wall prints, clocks, and other pieces. The house also needs jewellery too, you know.

Sorry Arlo.

Bamarang is a startup based in my old stomping ground, Shoreditch. The site features week-long flash sales with fantastic discounts. I am not an expert shopper, so don’t take my word for it, but I can’t say I’ve seen these products elsewhere – making it a safe choice for gift-buying.

You need to be a member, but it’s quick and simple to sign up. Bamarang have kindly offered my readers £10 off your first order with this link. That makes for one exceedingly cheap tote bag.


  1. Hold on, I got confused. Is Arlo the name of your son or the name of that elephant toy in the first picture?

    Your knowledge of John Williams is impressive by the way.

    1. Elmer, Arlo… sometimes I get confused as to who my son is, too. I’ll take the elephant, he looks like he might sleep through the night.

  2. We use to play John Williams in my school band. You’ve made me want to go and download all the songs now, although at this exact moment I have ET in my head, mushing in with Jurassic Park, because the way we played it, they all kind of mushed together as one big song. I also now want to watch Hook again!

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