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The school summer holidays are over half way through.

It can only mean one thing – time to turn our thoughts towards getting organised for the new school year ahead – where on earth did I dump their PE kits on the last day of school? What’s the summer homework assignment again? What new bits of school uniform do we need?

I might STILL not have a clue where the PE bags are, but I am feeling rather organised on the school uniform front. This year, I have bought my children’s school uniform from F&F at Tesco.

tesco school uniform

Tesco F&F school uniform review

So, what do we think of F&F school uniform?

Firstly, I LOVED the convenience of buying Tesco school uniform. I didn’t have to do a dedicated trip to a busy shop to buy everyone what they need. Instead, I stocked up on school uniform in one swift move at the same time as doing my weekly shop.

F&F tesco school uniform

Tesco is our local supermarket and I’m in there all the time, meaning I can grab F&F school uniform items bit by bit every time we do a shop. This not only helps spread the cost of school uniform-buying, but it’s also really handy for picking up those last minute items that I’ve inevitably forgotten to think about (new PE plimsolls, anyone?)

f&f tesco school uniform

How many sets of school uniform do you need to buy?

I’m definitely a ‘buy five of everything’ person when it comes to school uniform. Especially the shirts. I don’t think my five year old has EVER managed to make a shirt last more than one day, he’s forever coming home with half his school lunch down his shirt. 

F&F tesco school uniform

Tesco F&F school uniform – What did I buy?

Now that Arlo is going into junior school (sniff) he is required to wear a proper white shirt to school, whereas Rory is still in polo shirts. I bought a two pack of polo shirts for £2.50, and a two pack of white school shirts for £4.00. That’s £1.25 and £2 a shirt respectively, which I think is amazing value for money, and means I can buy four of each without feeling guilty that I’m spending unnecessary money just for the convenience of having more than a few pairs.

f&f tesco school uniform

The trousers we bought from the F&F school uniform range at Tesco have everything I look for in a pair of school trousers – an adjustable waist – easy for little ones to pull up and down without needing to fiddle with buttons, and also really important for my slight-waisted son. Reinforced knees – vital for those knee-skidding football saves.

All shirts and bottoms in the Tesco F&F school uniform range have teflon coating to counteract staining. F&F shirts and trousers come in regular fit and slim fit.


What is the quality of Tesco F&F uniform like?

Tesco F&F School Uniform is Mumsnet Rated. 262 Mumsnet users tested the Tesco F&F school uniform range: 82% would buy again and 75% would recommend

From the feel of our F&F Tesco school uniform, I am pretty confident that the uniform will last my boys just as well as any other school uniform I’ve bought in the past. But just in case I’m not happy with how any of our items has lasted, Tesco have a 100 day guarantee.

Tesco say: F&F school uniform is designed for active kids to keep them comfy and looking smart all day day long, all year round. We’re so confident of the quality and the durability of our school uniforms that if your child wears out their uniform within 100 days we’re happy to exchange it.

This is great news for those of us who like to make sure we are getting the absolute most for our money. 100 days after the start of the school year, I will be sharing how our F&F school uniform has fared, so stay tuned for that update around December time. (UPDATE BELOW)

f&f tesco school uniform f&f tesco school uniform f&f tesco school uniform

Tesco F&F school uniform UPDATE:

Back in September when we worked with Tesco F&F school uniform range, I said I’d be back with an update on the quality in 100 days. Disheveled after-school look and brotherly headlocks aside, I’m really happy with how the uniform has held up. No yellowing or greying on the shirts, and no fraying or holes in the trousers (thank you reinforced knees!)

But had we not been happy with any aspect of the F&F school uniform quality, would have been able to make use of Tesco’s 100 day guarantee – F&F are so confident of the durability of their school uniforms, that if your child wears out their Tesco school uniform within 100 days they are happy to exchange it.




Disclosure: This F&F Tesco School Uniform review is a paid partnership with Tesco and Mumsnet




  1. Looks like pretty good uniform! I love supermarket brands. Uniform from places like Next is amazing but it doesn’t compare with supermarket prices.
    Holly is going into the juniors this year. It’s scary stuff!
    I also agree with the ‘buy five of everything’ idea! Makes life so much easier! xx

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