At this time of year, I’ve usually still got a few people to buy for (Who am I kidding – I rarely start Christmas shopping until December).

Then there are always a few who require a bit more thought when it comes to selecting a gift. A few for whom an idea doesn’t readily spring to mind.

When I get a bit stuck for inspiration, I try to stick to gifts that are either really useful or really lovely. My aim was to combine both of those aspects into every gift on this list, and they have ALL been tirelessly tried and tested by myself.

What a job that was.


gift ideas



1. FOR THE ONE ON A HEALTH KICK – This book is packed with recipes that are nourishing, free from gluten, grain, and refined sugar, AND everything looks visually AMAZING. The Art of Eating Well is Bound to spark enthusiasm for healthier eating.

2. FOR THE MEMORY MAKER – Got a friend or family member who is always documenting life’s big and small moments? We love being behind a camera, but we often forget to do anything with those memories. Giving the gift of Blurb vouchers will provide that impetus to get those images off the hard drive and into tangible memories by way of a photobook that can be celebrated again and again for years to come.

3. FOR THE ONE WHO’S ALWAYS ON THE GO – I use my smartphone for everything, but the battery certainly wouldn’t last all day. I wouldn’t be without my power bank. I keep it in my handbag so I can charge on the go, and it can also be used for laptops and tablets. There are a million different brands, sizes, and amounts of power – the one I use is as pictured, an EasyAcc 100000mAh Ultra Slim Dual USB  – enough to fully charge my phone five times over.

4. FOR THE CANDLE ADDICT – Milkhouse Candles are based just down the road from me and are my latest obsession. Every candle addict knows the importance of soy-based, paraffin free wax and a scent that really fills the room, and these may just be the cream of the crop. The milk bottles and butter jars would be perfect for a display shelf, and there are classic jar options too.

5. FOR THE ASPIRING CHEF – Sam bought a Thermopen for his dad a few years back, and his dad loved it so much that he gave one to Sam the next Christmas. It’s the meat thermometer they use on Masterchef (if your recipient is a fan, they will most likely have seen this gadget A LOT). In Sam’s own words, it has “revolutionised” his cooking. No more guess work, perfectly cooked meat every time. He also sometimes uses it to test the bath water for the kids, or how cold our external walls are…but you probably don’t care so much about that.

6. THE BEAUTY ALL-ROUNDER – Hydraluron Moisture Booster has been raved about by many a beauty blogger and expert, and with good reason. This little tube packs a moisture punch and works with your existing moisturiser to keep your skin nourished all day. Works with any moisturiser for any skin type – this is a beauty staple that will be appreciated by everyone.

7. FOR THE DESIGN FANATIC AND THE STATIONARY HOARDER – How about a subscription to Wrap Magazine? Interviews and features celebrating the best of illustration, design, and creative culture – with ten illustrated pull-out sheets so you can build up a unique selection of wrapping paper.

wrap magazine

Now that the madness of Black Friday is over, let’s get back down to the serious business of finding thoughtful presents that we know the recipient will truly love, rather than letting rush discounts cloud our thinking. 

There’s something I really enjoy about Christmas shopping – although I do miss the pre-internet shopping days of ambling round the actual stores looking for inspiration whilst taking in the decorations and the Christmas build-up atmosphere.

Then I remember I have children and I’m ALL GOOD with anywhere that lets me pay by Paypal.



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