Moving house throws up a range of emotions.

Many of us look forward to putting down roots in a new place, but it can also be upsetting to bid farewell to an old house, and the process of moving can be stressful. If you’re preparing to relocate, this checklist will help you execute a seamless move. 


Preparing your new home

One of the most important jobs to tick off your list when moving home is to prepare your new pad. The last thing you want is to find that it’s freezing or there’s no TV or Internet waiting for you after carting boxes up and down the stairs for endless hours. Contact providers and get your home ready in advance. If you need a new boiler, explore options, get advice and arrange installation before you move in. If you’re switching to a new company for TV and broadband, set a date for your services to be installed so that you can put your feet up or start work as soon as possible. It’s also wise to stock up on essentials for your first night. 


Plan a clear-out

If you are moving house, you can save time and energy by having a clear-out before you start packing boxes. There is no point in taking clothes, electrical appliances, outdoor equipment or toys, games or books you no longer want or need. Create a series of piles of things to go to the tip, to donate to charity or sell. You can also explore storage options if you find that you have too much stuff when you start packing and you want to hang onto items that won’t fit in your new home. This is a great idea for furniture and pictures, for example. 


Get help with packing and moving

There’s no doubt that moving can be an upheaval, and it’s often mentally and physically tiring. Ask for help from friends and family and enlist the services of a reliable, reputable removals firm. Ask people you know and trust for recommendations, get some quotes and read reviews online. Give yourself as much time as possible to pack and don’t be afraid to call in favours. If you’re happy to pack, for example, you might have siblings or parents that could help out with keeping the kids entertained or looking after pets for a few days. When you pack, mark each box clearly to save time at the other end and pack an overnight bag of essentials for your first day in your new home.


Tie up loose ends

Relocating involves more than packing up your stuff and moving it from A to B. There are usually lots of loose ends to tie up, so it’s wise to write a list and work through it before you leave. Get in touch with your doctor, dentist and the bank to change your address, redirect your mail, pay off utility bills and contact the local council. 


Moving house can be incredibly exciting, but it is often a stressful process. If you’re on the move, take these tips on board to keep stress at bay. 

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