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We Made Me wuti baby wrap sling review

Since baby Otto arrived, I have been trying out the full range of We Made Me baby slings – The Soohu sling, the Wuti Wrap, and the Pao soft structured carrier.

All three baby slings have had their benefits, but it is the We Made Me Wuti wrap baby sling that I have chosen to focus on, because, to put it simply, I have fallen in love with it. After trying them all, the Wuti wrap is definitely my favourite We Made Me sling.

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by this baby sling. I already owned a wrap carrier that I loved, and had tried my fair share of wrap slings that I didn’t get on with. Did I NEED to try a new wrap sling? What could possibly be so different about the We Made Me Wuti wrap sling compared to the others I’d tried?

But, going from my varied experiences with wraps in the past, I should have known by now that not all wrap slings are not created equal.

We Made Me Wuti Wrap review

My first thought when I unboxed the Wuti wrap sling by We Made Me was how weird the material seemed. It is made from an almost-neoprene-like, stretchy sort of mesh material. I’d never seen anything like it, and honestly, I wasn’t overly keen on the material as it didn’t seem as cosy as my soft cotton wrap.

But, stay with me, as the material is precisely the reason why I adore the We Made Me Wuti wrap baby sling so much.

We Made Me wuti baby wrap sling review

The very first time I put Otto in the Wuti wrap sling, I noted as we walked down the road, that due to the highly elasticated material, there was no strain on any part of my body. And the added bounce soothed Otto quickly off to sleep.

The unique material of the We Made Me Wuti wrap means that no matter how tightly I wrap (and with a wrap carrier, you need to have a tight wrap for full support), there is a comfortable amount of give for my baby. And although the material is naturally stretchy, it also bounces back, so there is no slow sag and bagginess like I’ve experience with other stretchy wrap slings. I have worn the Wuti wrap for entire days with no need to re-tighten or adjust – a first for me with any wrap sling.

We Made Me Wuti Wrap Sling for an older baby

The support from the We Made Me Wuti wrap sling is really quite incredible. I have been able to comfortably wear Otto on my front up until 10 months old. It’s only been very recently that we’ve made the full time switch to the Pao carrier – We Made Me’s soft structured carrier. In the past, I’ve had to retire my wrap sling once my baby reached around 6 months old as the support just wasn’t there with a heavier baby.

I initially thought that the Wuti wrap material might get a bit sweaty in hot weather, but in fact it’s the exact opposite and is very cooling and breathable – a very important factor for me, as in the past I have found some wraps a little claustrophobic with their swathes of thick material.

If I had one criticism of the We Made Me Wuti Wrap sling, it would be that I wouldn’t have chosen black in hindsight, as baby sick shows up quite a bit. But, on the plus side, the material is much more wipeable than a jersey wrap sling!

Considering that I never quite got the hang of wrap slings when my first was a baby, it’s funny that I’ve now done a complete turnaround and absolutely love wearing my babies in a wrap carrier. Otto practically lived in a baby wrap for his first four months. A wrap carrier moulds to my body far better than a structured carrier can, and there is something so special about hugging your newborn close in a wrap. I think it’s because I know how short this phase lasts. Babywearing in a wrap carrier is more than just a functional thing, it’s a way for me to savour my baby.

I honestly love my We Made Me Wuti sling so much, ‘weird material’ and all. It has totally shown me that I shouldn’t knock something until I’ve tried it. If you have struggled in the past to get good support from a wrap carrier, I really recommend giving the We Made Me Wuti wrap sling a try.

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We Made Me provided my carriers for the purpose of this review. I wasn’t obliged to write about all three carriers, but to pick one that I liked the best, and as I have already mentioned a few times, I can honestly say that I have nothing but total love for the Wuti.

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