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I’m not really an expert on women.

In fact, if we were two split ourselves into two, very generalised camps based on ‘typical women’ and ‘typical men’, I’d say I’m probably far more like your stereotypical man, preferring to gloss over the softer, more emotional side of my personality.

But there are a couple of things that I, as person that also happens to be a woman, want out of life:

I want people to stop assuming that every purchase is paid for by Sam. We don’t even have a joint bank account. If I want something, I pay for it.

I want more cupboard space in the kitchen, a dishwasher, and more living space in general.

I want to be respected for my work and for my personal, creative choices.

I don’t want to be patronised. It winds me right up.

I don’t like to focus on subject matter that I find to be trivial or massively generalised.

I don’t like anything that comes between me and my very precious spare time.

I don’t like to be told one thing, only for that to be later contradicted.

I want to earn my own money.

I want a lot of things. Some are small, some are big asks. A lot are limited by finances.

Thankfully for us women, Millionaire Genie is an online gaming site run by 888ladies were women can play, win and make their dreams come true. If I won the £450,000 jackpot, I could get on with achieving some of the things on my want list and stop boring you all with blog posts about the state of our finances.

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