wiseish words the book of everyone

wiseish words the book of everyone

Last week, Arlo received a very special book in the post.

Unbeknownst to him, I had been secretly beavering away on The Book Of Everyone website, creating a uniquely personalised book of advice and sage words from myself and his dad, to him.

Wise(ish) Words provides a fun way for parents to package their very best life advice and pass it down to their children. Described as “A personalised book for 8-16 year olds to help them make better mistakes”, Wise(ish) Words is the newest launch from The Book of Everyone – famous for their personalised, beautifully illustrated books full of interesting facts about the day and year a person was born.

Every aspect of the text in the Wish(ish) Words book, including the introduction and end page, is customisable. Allowing you to create a completely unique book that speaks to your child in the way you know how.

The best recipe for advice-giving is to not take yourself too seriously, and this is exactly the attitude of Wise(ish) Words. It’s neither preachy nor boring. Yet it’s funny, it’s touching, and it makes your child feel truly special.

Arlo thought it was amazing that his book addresses him by name numerous times throughout the pages. But the biggest indicator that he’s super proud of his special book was when he brought his copy of Wish(ish) Words into school for Show and Tell.

When choosing which life mottos to put in Arlo’s book, I actually ended up keeping many of the pre-written examples that the book gives you. Perhaps it caught me on an emotional day, but I actually found myself tearing up just a tiny bit when reading through the messages. They are all so confidence boosting, supportive, heart warming, and I knew that some of them were bound to put a smile on Arlo’s face.

In the end, I loved the Wise(ish) Words messages so much, that there was actually just one of my own that I chose to add into Arlo’s book: “The most important thing you can be is kind” – something that I truly hope my boys will live by throughout their lives.

You can pick from three different front cover styles. I loved the yellow and rainbow effect of the cover we chose – the colours and illustrations throughout the book are completely my style, very bright and cheerful.

wiseish words book of everyone

I’m not a massive fan of motivational messages for grown ups (perhaps I should be!) But for children, I can really see the power and encouragement in these messages. I’d love nothing more than for my children to take these messages on board and carry them through to adulthood.

We’ve been reading our Wise(ish) Words book a lot since it arrived, and the biggest surprise is that it’s become a really brilliant tool for discussion – I know Arlo and I can revisit the ideas in our Wise(ish) Words book at regular intervals as he grows older, creating conversation with him about the different ways the words can be applied to his life experiences.

Wish(ish) Words Giveaway

The Book of Everyone are giving away one copy of Wise(ish) Words to readers of my blog. Enter the rafflecopter below if you’d like to be in with a chance of winning the opportunity to create a truly personalised book for your child.

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  1. I love this idea! You are totally right, it’s really hard to give advice without being preachy, but this is the kind of thing kids can keep and pick up at just the right time when they need a bit of encouragement!

  2. What a wonderful book! We’re always on the hunt for Books that are a bit different. Will add this to our list.

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