Did you know that in a standard workplace, your employees will be spending as much as thirty percent of their work time dealing with paperwork?

Imagine how much more you could do if you switched to a paperless system. Yet this is not the only reason why being a paperless company is a good idea. Read on to find out more; you might realise that now is the right time to make these all-important changes. 

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Increased Productivity 

We mentioned the figure of thirty percent in our introduction, and it is sure to surprise you – and not in a particularly good way – to find that that is about twelve hours of work every week. This is time wasted, time that could be used to market your business, to answer customer queries, to organise orders, and so much more. 


Although it would take a little time to set up a paperless system, you would save everyone who worked for you a lot of time. They would be able to find what they need much more quickly, and jobs would be finished in a more efficient manner. The more productive your team is, the more work gets done and the more profits that will bring you. 


It’s What The Customer Wants 

Customers are becoming much more demanding. In the past, they would have been pleased to find you online and use your services in the most convenient way to them. However, online shopping and websites are no longer a novelty; they are expected. Therefore, you need to take the next step. Yes, your customers want to shop online, but they also want to shop with a business that matches their own beliefs. 


Since so many people are keen to do something to help the planet and be more eco-friendly, if you can show them that you are working in as paperless a way as possible, they will want to work with you. One way to do this is to promote the idea on your website; speak to your SEO agency and use it in your digital marketing too. 


Eliminates Errors 

Paperwork can lead to mistakes. Have you ever spent time trying to decipher illegible handwriting and tried to carry out the instructions written down? It is easy to make an error. Not to mention the fact that a written document can be damaged and therefore is much harder to read (especially when parts of it are missing, for example). 


This won’t happen when you go paperless. There will be no need to interpret anything since everything you need to read will be typed, and therefore no misinterpretation errors can occur. 


As well as this, the data is kept much safer when you are paperless. A disaster like a fire or a flood would destroy any paper records, but if everything is kept online, on a separate, ideally cloud-based, server, then although unfortunate, these problems won’t mean you have to stop trading; in many cases, they won’t even mean you have to slow down your output. 

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