Firstly, what is a wedding gift registry?


As your special day approaches, you will have lots of guests eager to buy you a present for your wedding. A gift registry is where you basically set up a list of things you want with a department store or online shop, and your guests can go and view it, selecting something on the list to buy you. 


It’s pretty simple, yet a lot of couples forget or neglect to do this. You might feel weird about telling your guests what to buy you as it seems demanding – and you do lose the element of surprise. However, there are some significant benefits that you will really enjoy:

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Easier for your guests

Have you been a guest at a wedding? Then you’ll know how hard it is to find a gift for the happy couple! How much do you spend? What would they find useful? Do they want homeware stuff or something more sentimental?? Your guests will be asking the same questions and stressing over things, which is where a gift registry solves the problem. You tell them what you want, and they can look at the list and pick out something that suits their budget, safe in the knowledge that you’ll love the gift!


Prevents duplicates

Perhaps the best reason to get a gift registry for your wedding is that it stops you from receiving duplicate presents. Ah yes, you loved the dram glass for whiskey that one of your guests bought you, it’ll go nicely in your liquor cabinet or minibar at home. However, you absolutely did not need the five other sets of whiskey glasses that you got from other guests! It’s always random stuff like this that seems to be duplicated, putting you in an awkward situation. Do you return the gifts? Surely not…how will you justify keeping one of them over the others?! Instead, you end up going home with six sets of whiskey glasses, two toasters, and god knows how many table placemats. With a registry, when one gift is bought, it gets removed from the list, stopping duplicates from happening!


You get everything you need

Yep, the true joy of a wedding gift registry is that you get everything you need. All of the gifts are selected by you for one reason or another – usually because you need them for your house. It means that you won’t end up with gifts that just sit in your attic or garage for many years because they don’t really serve a purpose. We’re talking about the fine china that people like to buy for weddings – why? When will it ever get used? A gift registry means you will be satisfied with every gift and can put them to good use. 


Don’t feel selfish or demanding by setting up a wedding gift registry – your guests will prefer it! You make life easier for them while ensuring you get useful gifts without any awkward duplicates to deal with. 


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