If there’s one thing that we all wish we could have, it’s more money.

Alas, it does seem that the bulk of our money matters involve money leaving our account, rather than coming in. And, as such, it can feel as if we’re always playing catch up when it comes to our finances. We’re just trying to get onto level ground when we’d rather be pushing forward and making our money grow. But did you know that you may have more money than you think you do? It’s true. Just check out our reasoning below.

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On the Wrong Plans


You’re going to have a lot of monthly outgoings, such as for your mobile and internet connections, insurance, and so on. Most people just accept that these costs are part and parcel of life. However, while you do need all of these things, how much you’re paying for them is in your hands more than you may think. One of the benefits of living in the modern world is that you have options. If your current mobile phone bill or insurance bill is too high, then shop around, and get a better deal. You’ll find that just a couple of phone calls can put a lot more money in your bank account. 


Around the Home


There are some costs that can just be considered “sunk”; they’re not coming back. If you’ve spent your cash on a holiday, then you’ll just have to suck up your depleted bank balance for a while. But most expenses aren’t like that. We get something tangible in return, and though it may not retain as much value as when you first bought it, it’ll still be worth something. Take a look around your home, and you’ll likely find many items that you’re no longer using which you could sell. And it’s not even as if it has to be in pristine condition — if you’re wondering, ‘can I sell my faulty mobile phone?’ then the answer is, ‘yes.’ Take a walk through your property, and you might just find that you have many things you could sell that would help to raise a pretty penny. 


Getting a Raise


Wouldn’t life be so much easier if you were paid more money each month? Sure it would. Of course, that sounds easy to say,  but it’s not a realistic aim, is it? Actually, it could be. Few people think to ask their bosses for a raise, but many bosses (good ones at least) are receptive to the idea. They know that it’s much easier to give a person a raise than it is to risk losing them — it’s just that they don’t usually take a proactive stance by offering employees a raise. If you’ve been there for a while and know that you’re an important member of the team, then look at asking for a bump in your salary. Just by having the courage to ask for a raise, you might find that you’re earning 10-20% more from next month! 

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