Body hair is one of the most common elements that undergo cosmetic procedures.

These procedures can involve shaving, waxing or laser hair removal. While the first two processes are to be repeated time and again at rather short intervals, laser therapy can work better in removing body hair more or less permanently. Body hair is the result of many factors, from the genetic makeup of a person to external factors like the climate and environment. Shaving, waxing, tweezing involve the skin getting chafed and irritable. Compared to that, laser hair removal is a much better option offered by professionals such as Thérapie Clinic. This procedure is quick, rather painless and offers a more lasting solution to stubborn body hair that always keeps growing back.

As the name suggests, laser therapy uses laser, a concentrated beam of light to achieve the results it promotes. Most lasers used in hair removal procedures belong in the infrared category. This laser can’t be perceived by the naked eye, but the heat transferred by the laser works effectively in destroying unwanted hair follicles.

Sure, shaving, waxing and epilation are much more cost-effective. However, they also need to be done more often and do not result in uniform hair removal in one go. Added to that, these procedures can be painful and over a period of time can rake up quite a sum. Even after all that, hair is never permanently removed. It will always grow back, sometimes even thicker and uneven. Compared to that, laser bursts used in hair removal are short and almost painless. They target hair follicles that are darker than the skin in a 3cm diameter of the skin. Now, these hair follicles absorb the heat generated by the laser and their cells as well as the surrounding regenerating ones are immediately destroyed. This reduces the chance of hair growing back at the same spot by up to 80%.

Most of the laser therapy done for hair removal is carried out in multiple sessions if the area to be treated is large. A dermatologist will be inspecting your skin and accordingly suggest the number of sessions that you will have to undergo. Here, different sessions are done to cover most of the hair in the area, irrespective of the growth stage of the hair follicles. Laser therapy never removes 100% of hair, it’s mostly the darker and heavier hair that is destroyed. Till two weeks, please do not shave, trim or wax your body hair. Body hair needs to be of a certain length in order for the process to work effectively. Avoiding direct sunlight, makeup and dehydrating items is a good measure to help recover faster.

Before the procedure starts, the dermatologist might run a test patch on your skin to check your sensitivity and if the laser is configured properly for your body colour and tone of the hair. Post that, the procedure can start, and it might take from 5 minutes to half an hour to complete the full process. After the procedure always makes sure to check with your dermatologist about what you can eat or use after such a procedure.


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