Quitting smoking is not easy.

Most people fail the first few times they try. But it is worth sticking with it. You may never quite manage to get rid of the temptation to light up when you smell cigarette smoke. However, the benefits of resisting that temptation and not smoking again outweigh the downside.

As you will see, now, is a particularly good time to give quitting another go. Especially if you have not done so for a while.

The cost of vaping is falling

Many people who have struggled to give up using other methods find that they can do so using vaping. In the past, the cost of vape liquid and the kit you needed to get started was quite high. A fact that put many people off of trying vaping.

Fortunately, the price of vaping is significantly lower than it was in 2012 when the products first started becoming widely available. So, it may be worth taking another look at this effective way of giving up smoking.

You can use social distancing to your advantage

Most of us underestimate the role peer pressure plays in how often and how much we smoke. As you can see from this study the impact is huge. The fact that normally you are interacting with other smokers on a daily basis can make it a lot harder to give up.

If you normally slip outside with a work colleague for a smoke break, not doing it feels weird. It is all too easy to give in to the temptation and go out to have a cigarette and share some gossip. The same is true in social settings. If a typical night out includes smoking. Not smoking can leave you feeling like something important was missing from your night out.

The fact that we are currently social distancing means that most of us do not have to face and deal with those temptations. For a few weeks, at least.

None of us want the lockdown to continue for longer than is necessary. But, surprisingly, living in this very different way does provide us with a unique opportunity to change our lives for the better.

Now is a particularly good time to save some money

You can also use the fact that we are currently living in a time of economic uncertainty to motivate yourself to give up smoking. Even if you can still afford to continue to smoke, now is still a particularly good time to break that expensive habit.

Giving up smoking is a really quick way to build up a pot of money you can fall back on should you lose your job. It also means that you can potentially help a friend or family member through this financially challenging time. You can use this cost calculator to find out how much you will save. Numerous studies show that doing something with a goal in mind is an effective way to make important changes in your life.

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