Wherever you choose to venture on your family holiday, there are often a number of things which need to be ticked off of your list when it comes to your accommodation.

In theory, your family holiday should be relaxing, be about spending quality time together and most importantly having fun and making memories that will last a lifetime.

Orlando is a destination that is usually on many people’s bucket list and can be a fantastic location for families looking to have fun and spend time together. Of course, it can be difficult knowing where to stay when visiting here, but renting a holiday villa can be the perfect option as you can really make the most out of your holiday. Below, you will find a number of reasons why you should choose a villa for your family holiday to Orlando!

Lots of Space

When travelling with the whole family in tow, you don’t want to be on top of each other as this can often lead to bickering and fall outs. When opting for a villa, there will be enough space for all of the family to enjoy. It will also serve as the perfect environment for relaxing in the sunshine, playing games in the pool, or even just taking a quiet moment to yourself. This type of accommodation will provide the whole family with plenty of room to have fun together or to relax by themselves without getting in each other’s way.


One of the biggest benefits of staying in a villa is having privacy. It will give you somewhere to hideaway after a fun-filled day, where you can all be yourselves without the fear of upsetting other people. You have complete freedom to do what you want and be as silly as you want with the children in the comfort of your own private holiday villa.


There is no denying that you worry about the whole family when visiting somewhere new. As such, staying in a villa can give you complete peace of mind. Many villas are located in gated communities, ensuring that the whole family feels safe and can relax.


Holiday villas will often come with everything you could ever want, including a pool, TV, entertainment rooms, beautiful garden, plenty of bedrooms and lots more. You will also have a fully equipped kitchen where you can cook meals and spend some much-needed family time over a delicious dinner.

Home Comforts

If you have younger children, they might find change hard, but if you choose to stay in a villa, it will feel like your home away from home. There will be plenty of space, everyone could have their own bedroom, and this will ensure that your accommodation feels incredible homely.


Villas holidays will give you a lot more freedom and flexibility that you would not get from staying in a hotel. You can say goodbye to scheduled eating times and pool restrictions; instead, you can do whatever you please and have a more relaxed holiday where you don’t need to plan your days around a schedule.

Great Locations

There is no denying that Orlando is a wonderful destination which is perfect for the whole family, and whether you are looking for villas near Disney or somewhere a little further afield, there will be plenty to choose from.

When heading to Orlando with the whole family, there is probably a chance you will base your holiday around the multitude of theme parks on offer. It will be hugely beneficial to find accommodation as close to these parks as possible, which will make transport much easier for the whole family.

When visiting Orlando, you will want to ensure that the whole family has the most amazing time. Choosing to stay in a villa can take so much of that stress away, leaving you all to create lifelong memories that will cherish forever.

Have you ever considered choosing a villa over a hotel? Let me know in the comments below!

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