While you’re planning all of the things you’re going to do after you move house, you have to consider all the things that you need to do to get you there in the first place.

A lot of people take the time to plan what to do once they’ve arrived at their destination but forget some of the fundamentals as they prepare for their move. A checklist can help!


From the removals company to the fact that you plan to hire a 8 yard skip for all of the clutter, you need to ensure that you are going to make this transition an easy one for the whole family. You should be able to get from A to B knowing that your whole move is planned properly. Without proper planning, you could end up running behind the schedule you set for yourself. Let’s avoid that with the tips below to ensure that your move is the smoothest possible one!

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  • Speak to every single utility provider you have. Your bank, your credit card companies, insurance companies, charities and more need to be informed that you are moving house. You should remember that your financial information is important and should be kept confidential, so you don’t want that information going to your old address.
  • Speak to the tax office and the insurance company and request all new snail mail is sent to your new address. You should also remember to redirect your car information to the right address, too. Without these things going to the right place, you could end up with fines and charges that you REALLY want to avoid.
  • If you shop online, get onto every website you keep all of your saved passwords on and adjust the addresses on there. You don’t want your Amazon Prime packages heading to your old address. Contact all retailers you shop with often and get the addresses changed there.
  • Warn all utility companies that you will be changing addresses and give them all a months notice. You should ensure that you pay off any outstanding accounts, too, and you will be able to live much more comfortably knowing that you don’t owe any cash.
  • Medical suppliers such as doctors, dentists and opticians all need to know that you’ll be moving. If you’re going further afield, it’s important to make a note of registering at new providers. If not, just let them know your change of address if you’re staying local.
  • Order in all of your packaging materials and if you’re using a moving company, see if they have a deal on them. Some moving companies will give you a quote for your move plus packaging materials. If not, you can source your own. Order them with enough time to receive them: you want this to be easy and packing gradually is important so that you don’t have to try and panic pack later on.
  • If you have friends and relatives who have a spare key, collect them all up so that people aren’t holding keys to a house in which you no longer live.

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