While Christmas cheer undoubtedly goes a long way, the winter is largely a time for the bitter cold, shorter mornings, and longer nights, all accumulating in some subsequent misery alongside.

After all, the winter blues are absolutely real, and people across the UK will retreat to their homes as soon as possible for those cosy comforts.

One of these comforts is adequate lighting, shining out to combat the dark that overstays it’s welcome. Consequently, here are some cosier lighting ideas for your home.

 Table Lamps

You can never underestimate the importance of a good table lamp. If you’re someone who works from home a lot, then it can be tempting to just let your computer monitor light up the otherwise dark room you’re in. Still, this will put strain on your eyes, and aside from that fact, it’s not at all cosy either…

Invest in a good table lamp from Cox & Cox, and even your messiest study room will transform into a snug den instead, purely because of the cosier lighting. They come in a range of styles, made from glass, concrete and even brass to ensure that there’s something for everyone no matter how you’ve outfitted your rooms. Moreover, these lamps won’t engulf the entire area in a searing blast; just a modest glow for that snug factor.

 Fairy Lights

Far from being exclusively feminine, a good set of fairy lights can go a long way in selling a home as a truly tranquil space. A series of bulbs emitting a dim radiance, they can be trailed along the walls, wound over bookshelves, draped over picture frames and rested over the headboard of your bed. There’s a lot of decorative options to consider here!

Fairy lights are also perfect for really emphasising what’s on your walls, so if you’ve got favourite pictures hung up or a set of your most prized books or DVD collections on display, some of these lights might just help you accentuate those other home comforts. They’re subtle yet flexible in terms of how they can be arranged. Of course, this is what you want for cosy lighting!

 Garden Lights

While technically these lights aren’t inside your home, they do boost the cosiness of everything while still being on your property. You can light up your brick walls outside for some extra style points, or even dot them around the foliage in your garden. After all, this will create the sense that there isn’t just oppressive, pitch black dark immediately outside your window.

If you light up your garden or your outer walls, your home might just feel that little bit more… well, homely! It’s nice to be reminded that there’s a world outside, and when you can’t see out there due to an invasive pitch-black night, it can feel eerie and almost somewhat creepy too. Light your garden up instead, and you might just find that extra bit of clarity eases you up slightly.

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