Around a year ago, our trusty vacuum cleaner took a fatal tumble all the way down our flight of stairs, knocking our baby gate off its hinges in the process. Both items were write-offs. (ahem, definitely Sam’s fault).

Our freecycle replacement was a 1980s Hoover that was still in great nick. The lady who donated it to us was in her seventies, and she told me it had originally belonged to her father. Despite the age and use that this Hoover had seen as it was passed down the generations, it was still a really strong vacuum cleaner. Sam and I were really impressed with Hoover’s build quality and longevity, so I was really excited when I found out I was going to get the chance to review Hoover’s latest vacuum cleaner, the Hoover Globe.

As soon as we got the Hoover Globe out of the box, Arlo said “Wooah!! Cool Hoover!”, and that title has stuck ever since.

Our new Hoover has seen a lot of action over the two weeks that we’ve had it. I think Sam is a bit in love with it because he keeps finding excuses to use it. It’s ease-of-use has even encouraged me to vacuum more often, I hated lugging around the cumbersome 80s Hoover.

It’s small and compact, which is a big bonus when you are short on utility/storage space, as we are. The height adjustable handle means it is short enough to be stored under a shelf or any other space with restricted height.
It has great maneuverability. The cylinder rests on a ball joint, meaning you can swivel the body of the Hoover in any direction.

There are lots of tool attachments, including a brush that’s excellent at removing stubborn pet-hair from upholstery (We have three dogs and a cat that pay frequent visits, so hairy sofas can be an issue).

I find vacuum cleaner bags a bit of a faff so I’m glad that it has a bagless cylinder. And the bagless cylinder is see-through, so any hamsters or
stray Lego pieces accidentally hoovered up will be easy to spot (case in point: if you look closely in the video, you can see a radiator cap that Sam had hoovered up swirling around the cylinder. Had it not been see-through, we might not have realised what had happened).

It’s now a huge priority for us to be able to vacuum our staircase without needing to resort to balancing the vacuum cleaner precariously on our very narrow stairs – that didn’t work out very well last time! The Globe’s hose is 4.3 metres long and can reach every step whilst the Hoover stays firmly put at the bottom of the staircase – We love this!

The suction power is “100% better than our 80s Hoover”, in Sam’s own words. We can all breathe a sigh of relief as this means he’s willing to part with ol’ faithful and is allowing me to relist it on freecycle.

One thing that could make the Hoover Globe even better would be the inclusion of a small, flat hose attachment for floors (like a car cleaning attachment). We found that neither the pet-hair attachment or the multi-tool (which both have brushes) were perfect for vacuuming our carpeted stairs. However, I know we can buy this sort of tool separately, so it’s by no means a dealbreaker.

We would also have loved to see a retractable power cord, but I’m guessing that the inclusion of a retractable cord would mean a significant change to the body and swivel mechanics of the Hoover – the compactness and easy-manouvreability of the Hoover body is way more useful to us, so we are happy to live without a retractable cord.

Hoover challenged us to test out the Globe in various vacuuming scenarios. Sam is chief vacuumer in this house, so I handed the reigns over to him for this bare-all video in which you get to see the laundry pile, Sam’s disturbing drawings of me and Arlo on the fridge, Arlo’s crayon scribbles on the rug that I have yet to scrub off, and some of Sam’s interesting vacuuming techniques (What can I say? Tell him your filming for the blog and this is what happens).

 Watch the video to see how we got on with the Hoover challenges!

The Hoover Globe was provided to me free of charge for the purpose of this review. I am a member of the Mumsnet Bloggers Network, a group of parent bloggers picked by Mumsnet to review products, events and brands. I have not paid for the product or to attend an event. I have editorial control and retain full editorial integrity.


  1. I really do not see how you can like this machine. Its noisy, the dirt hopper is far to small and you are always emptying it. The filters are always clogging with dust and after a few washing’s out, the machine lacks the suction to drive the turbo brush and you have to buy a new filter from Hoover. .] Add this to the fact that the cable from the base of the dust container to the motor burnt out after a year and I cannot see how to dismantle the machine to replace it, I believe the machine is a load of c–p. Chloe must be very forgiving if she thinks this machine is good.

    1. Our Hoover Globe is still going strong (we have had to replace the belt a few times, at a cost of around £10). The suction is not amazing, but it does the job fine for the price (compared to Dyson which is far more pricey). I am fine with the size of the container and don’t notice it filling up really quickly, but then our house is quite small.

  2. Lovely review!

    Your other vacuum is a mid 1990s U2798 Total system! Hoovers bottom line cleaner based on the Turbopower 1 range.

    The suction will be awful on the hose, dirty fan cleaners always are! The motors only 420w. However it (with a fresh belt and new brushroll bearings) out groom your globe, and probably pick more out of the carpet.

    Still, lovely review. There is a globe local to me for £30. I know someone who needs a vacuum, and it looks like a fun teardown to do!

    Here’s my restoration of my U2798 –,1434.0.html

    I collect Vacuum Cleaners, hence the rest!



  3. globe hoovers are rubbish, belts always breaking, a pain to fit, in short this hoover is nogood for rubbish, it… is rubbish!

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