Maintaining a practical and stylish wardrobe can certainly be expensive.

It is frustrating when you have to replace items in your wardrobe when they start to fade or become tatty and the cost of this can quickly add up over the years. There are a few key wardrobe items which you only need to purchase once and when you invest in quality it will prove to be financially smart because you will get lots of wear out of them without the need to replace.


Here are a few wardrobe staples that have great longevity.


Leather Jacket

No wardrobe is complete without a leather jacket. Rugged, stylish and warm, a leather jacket is a timeless classic and also an item that only gets better with age. It may require some maintenance but this is an item that you will only need to buy once and could even hand down to your kids when the time is right.


Winter Coat

Similarly, a good winter coat will last you a lifetime even though it is worn in the most challenging conditions. When you invest in quality the winter coat will be up to the task and help you to stay looking your best even in poor conditions.



Leading on from this, thermals can be a lifesaver during those harsh winter months and help you to stay warm even on the coldest of days. They can also last you a lifetime when you buy from trusted suppliers like Damart.



It might be tempting to splash out on a pair of nice new boots but this is not necessary. If you buy quality boots, you take good care of them and alternate them with other shoes then you should find that they will last you. There can be some care that goes into maintaining the boots (especially leather or suede) but it will help you to make big savings in the long run.


Cashmere Jumper

Cashmere is one of the nicest feeling materials that there is which is why having a jumper is a must. In addition to the gorgeous feel and attractive look, cashmere is also one of the longest-lasting fibers around and will be a smart investment. It can require some maintenance but this will prove to be worth it in the long run and allow you to enjoy wearing the garment for the foreseeable future.


These are a few items which you should only need to buy once. While it can be more expensive to invest in quality, you should find that you are making savings long term because you do not constantly have to replace the items (this is also eco-friendly too). There are some items which you will inevitably need to replace but this is not the case with the above items.

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