A home of learning and skills is the best home for your children to grow up in.

A home shouldn’t just be somewhere you rest and eat. It should be so much more than that. Now that you have children, a home that caters to their needs is a no-brainer. Giving them opportunities to learn new things and improve their skill set, is setting them up for a bright future. Your home could be that haven where your children grow intellectually and emotionally. Decor doesn’t have to be purely for aesthetic purposes, it should be made useful. Each of your rooms can have this great change affecting it.



Excellent shelving and knowledge


Intricate shelving racks are a decor statement but they can be fountains of knowledge too. Contemporary shelving racks should be used to store books as well as other items such as figurines, vases and ornaments. At the bottom of the rack, keep all your children’s books so your children can help themselves to a story anytime they wish. Since they’re small and can’t reach the higher parts of your shelving rack, books at the bottom will be a sight they become used to. They won’t be able to help but take the books out and see what’s inside. It makes a part of your decor, something they can relate to and see as something that gives them pleasure and entertainment. As they grow older you’ll want to change where the books are stored. Moving them higher and to the sides, year by year makes perfect sense.


A lounge icon


If you’re into the traditional style of decor, you’ll need some kind of piano standing in one of the corners. This can also be used by your children to begin learning how to play music. One of the most-known piano types is the Yamaha grand pianos. The open lid and orange grain colour are exquisite and the polished black laminate surface takes the room back to the Victorian Era. It’s a classy addition to any home but it will become useful to your children as they grow up, tapping away at the instrument, slowly learning how to play it in their spare time. Many parents would like their children to start playing music but don’t know how to quietly introduce it to them. This way you can achieve that but also make your lounge room grandiose and debonair.



A little you time


More and more homes are being designed with a retreat in mind. This room is completely different from the rest, as it’s a place where you can come and sit in silence. It’s a room that doesn’t have conventional seating or decor. Beanbag chairs and folding fabric sofas, coupled with plants and lots of personal lamps, this room is made for quiet study, reading or just sitting silently with your own thoughts. Your children will learn to appreciate calming still rooms so they can read their novels, do their homework and learn to love ‘me time’. 


For more than a decade the house has become a utility without meaning. These items will bring back that meaning and give your children a chance to improve their skills and learn something new. 

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