Thanks to a ridiculously early wake-up call from Arlo, we were all up and dressed way ahead of our usual time on a Sunday morning. This, combined with a sunny morning and a desire to get out of the house led us to sack off our to-do list and head off on an adventure.

So we packed a picnic and headed off to Staffhurst Woods, which is carpeted in bluebells at this time of year. I had been wanting to get some family shots amongst the bluebells, but due to being heavily pregnant and using up most of our weekend time to prepare for the new arrival, it was always dubious as to whether we would find the time to get our bluebell photos this year. As it turns out, I did have the energy and the inclination at 39 weeks pregnant.

I promised the boys that we would just do five minutes of photos and only one set-up, and then we would just have fun and go for a camera-free walk. And that’s exactly what we did.

bluebells staffhurst woods

After the woods, we were searching for somewhere to have our picnic and followed a sign all the way to a farm show out in the countryside. I stuck to my camera-free rule, and just spent time with my family. We saw farm animals, a puppy show, and loads of tractors, cars and combine harvesters (guess which part most impressed Arlo?)

It was a completely spontaneous day, and a really nice way to mark what will probably be our last ever family outing as ‘just us three’.

(If this baby ends up not arriving until right at the end of the month, be warned that you might well be seeing these photos again as they are my backup Me and Mine images!)


  1. These photos are gorgeous. As you know, I am rather partial to a walk through a bluebell wood. And I may be rather partial to bluebells as a family portrait backdrop……. we shall see. 😉
    I think it’s lovely that you enjoyed a camera free family day. I know that in the last weekends before my due date, I really treasured our days of life as a three. It was a special time, knowing we were in the cusp of big change and being both excited and nervous. x

  2. I love bluebell photos. I need a bluebell wood to do something similar with my family. Next time you are in the blue bells there will be four of you, exciting.

  3. Yay you went and it most certainly was worth it, your bluebell photos are really beautiful. I love the way the colour just pops the background. I don’t know if you saw but we went too, although mine aren’t quite as good!
    As I was saying to you and Lucy, I was going to do my me and mine shot there but then I remembered we are going on holiday for a week at the end of the month so I thought I really ought to have one taken on our official first break away as a four! 😉 x

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