If you’re working from home right now, you’ll understand the importance of having a dedicated working area.

Being able to clearly differentiate between your home life and your working responsibilities keeps your productivity high and allows you to fully relax after a hard day in the “office”.

However, if you’ve already been working from home for several months, you might have noticed a little more procrastination and lethargy when it comes to your 9-5. Your office setup could be to blame. If your home office setup is feeling a little stale, don’t worry. Here we’ll explore how to upgrade your home office with some simple improvements. Making your home office a productive and pleasant place to be.

Rethink your lighting

Good lighting is key in any working environment. Thankfully, you no longer have to put up with those stark and clinical overhead lighting solutions in your old place of work. No more migraines and eye strain, now you’re working at home you can tailor your lighting options to your needs and choose something better for your wellbeing, your household bills and the environment. Ultra LED provide a wide range of LED lighting options, including LED bulbs and strip lights, all available in a wide range of colours and styles.

This versatile lighting option will help keep your workspace effectively lit and stylish, whilst the cheaper running costs will be reflected in your electricity bill. It’s a win-win!

Organise those cables

Your phone charger, laptop cable, monitor wires, headphones, microphone, printer cables…if you’re surrounded by tech then chances are your wires and cables are tangled and all over the place. If you need to unplug something or change your plugs around, then you’re going to spend far too much time rearranging your wires and getting incredibly stressed in the process. Consider installing different hooks and hardware onto your desk or walls to keep the wires separated and easy to manage. Your desk will look better too!

Install a whiteboard

Those phone numbers you need to write down, quick thoughts and ideas, something you want to ask in a meeting…a whiteboard is the perfect solution for all those little ideas that quickly slip away. You’ll feel more organised and professional with a whiteboard. Just remember to keep it close by!

Say yes to colour!

Who says your office space has to be bland and boring? Or stark-white and characterless? Bright, cheerful colours promote happiness and productivity, so it makes sense to have them in your working environment. Don’t worry, you don’t have to paint the walls bright yellow, you can achieve the same effect by adding accessories with a pop of colour. Bright picture frames, stationery, a coloured rug, even a new art print – it’s your office space, so let your imagination take over.

And finally, include some recreational pieces

Working from home means we’re moving less. You should be taking regular breaks to keep your joints moving and your blood flowing. You can make this a little easier by including some recreational pieces in your office space. Resistance bands, an exercise ball, a yoga mat even an exercise bike! Moving the body and getting your blood pumping can help you reset and refresh your mind, ideal for keeping those productivity levels high.

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