Many people are professional when it comes to driving.

They drive well under any traffic conditions and are considered as smart drivers. Unfortunately, many of these drivers isolate their vehicle’s regular monitoring and check. Like humans, our cars need regular health check too. Many motorists consider checking fuel levels along with basic engine checks is all that is needed for vehicle to perform well, that is true but with that a very important car care check that is; monitoring the quality of their car tyres.

Living in a busy city like London, there is high chance that your tyres are contacted with sharp materials on the road like broken pieces of glass or sharp stone edges that might harm the rubber of your tyres. To check whether the health of the tyres is affected by such materials, you need to regularly monitor your tyres for few basic checks mentioned below.

First of all, you need to see the tread depth of your car’s tyre. The tread depth is a protective layer surrounding the tyre to help it keep safe from entering of unwanted materials like sharp stones and in some cases preventing excessive water from damaging it. The tread depth according to UK vehicle laws should be around 1.6mm. In case, you face a rainy day in London and there is possibility that wet roads might harm the rubber of your tyres, you need to fix the tread depth according to the criteria mentioned above. A proper tread depth of your tyre will protect the tyre from getting them too wet.  Luckily there are many brands operating locally to help you find the correct tyres. In case you are looking to buy the right car tyres online – you can consult with DAT Tyres (02087484457).

Moving forward, looking at the air pressure of your tyres is also important when it cones to checking the tyre quality. The tyres should not be overinflated as there is a risk of them getting busted if they come in contact with an unexpected road bump. On the other hand, underinflated tyres might cause your car tyres to flatten out in between your trip, making you stranded on the road. You need to avoid both the risks attached with under and overinflated tyres by maintaining balanced amount of air pressure in the tyres.

Lastly, keeping a check on the rubber quality of the tyre is also necessary. If the tyre rubber is strong it will help your car tyres having a good rolling resistance in any kind of terrain. So, buying tyres of good quality brand and checking the strength of their rubber is another tyre health check that will help you have a pleasant motoring trip.

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