At the beginning of September, Arlo started his first job. He has been working very hard reviewing all sorts of toys sent to him as part of Toys R Us’s Toyologist program. I know, what cruel parents we are sending him to work before he even reached his second birthday.

You can read all the reviews on the Toyologist blog. Arlo is in the Purple Group, reviewing toys for the 0 – 3yrs age group. There are also plenty of reviews for older children, click on the Green or Blue group categories to read through those.

I know that most people can’t even start thinking about Christmas shopping until November (myself included, although I start thinking about it in December), so I thought I’d wait until now to write about the toys that Arlo has been reviewing for Toys R Us.

And instead of listing them all, I’m only going to list the toys that Arlo genuinely does play with on a daily basis – the toys that I would 100% recommend to anyone looking to buy a toddler a Christmas gift.

So here they are, click on the links to read the full reviews:

Lego Duplo Busy Farm – £9.99

Aquadoodle – £19.99 for the classic version

Mothers and Babies jigsaw – £7.99

Melissa and Doug car transporter – £17.99

We still have quite a few toys from our second Toyologist delivery yet to review, and there is a third box to come, so I’m sure there will be another post nearer to December with more of Arlo’s favourites.


  1. Oooh, I like the look of the car transporter, that’d be a nice Christmas gift for Isabel (because of my wooden toy fetish, but also because she loves her cars ;))

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