You don’t have to own an item in your home for years before it starts to become something that looks a little dated.

You might have even used it for just a few months, and you’re already starting to notice chinks in its beauty. Or, it might just be that your family home has been the way it has been for a few years, and you just know that it’s time to get something new on the scene. After all, when kids are on the loose, it’s super easy for things to become a little bit worn out. But the big debate that you should be having, is whether you should turn something into a really fun upcycling project, or whether you should replace it. There are some things that might not be ready for the out, and some that you just wish you could have something new in replacement. So let’s get this debate started, and show you some things we think you should try to upcycle, and some that we think you should replace.

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There are certain items in the home that are just ready to be replaced, and there’s no use trying to upcycle them, because it just won’t meet your expectations when you’ve got into your head that you want something new. One of the items that we think should always be replaced when they need to be, is the sofa. There are some leather sofas that you can recondition, but if they’re full of scratches and stretch marks, then you might as well invest in a new one. Leather sofas are becoming more popular in homes now, because they give off more of an elegant and modern sort of vibe. It might be a bigger investment that trying to return it back to its former glory, but you’ll be able to get years out of it. You should also think about replacing bed frames, especially wooden ones where the benches have snapped. It’s all well and good trying to fix it, but it will most likely break soon after again! There are some really nice bed frames at the minute that lifts up to reveal a ton of storage space underneath!


If you haven’t tried your hand at upcycling before, then it’s probably a good idea to introduce yourself to it with something simple. One of the items of a home that seems to get bashed and stained the most, is a coffee table. Especially if your children are leaving things on there to melt, spilling drinks, or even drawing on it. It’s the simple process of sanding it down to remove the paint and varnish if there isn’t paint. You’ll then have a blank canvas to paint over it with. You could go for a white paint to give that modern, bright, and summery vibe. It’s something your children can get involved with as well, as they could help with the painting! The same goes for wooden dressing tables if they’re looking a bit worse for wear.

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