Organizing your wardrobe is one of those tasks that can often seem like a chore.

However, it is something that must be done if you’re trying to de-clutter your home.


Instead of just going in randomly and trying to clean up any mess that is there, you should craft a plan that will effectively deal with the situation. Take a look at these tips to help you organize your wardrobe.

Empty Your Wardrobe

Like an artist about to paint a masterpiece, you must begin with a blank canvas or an empty wardrobe in this case. Empty your wardrobe and separate clothing into piles, each pile should have a specific purpose. You need to decide what you want to keep, what you want to give away, or what you would like to put in the bin.


You can have piles of clothes, shoes, and accessories as well. Once you have everything separated into piles, the next step is to clean the wardrobe. This usually means wiping down the shelves, vacuuming the carpet, and cleaning dirty walls.

Create Your Dream Wardrobe

Take the time to examine which features in your wardrobe are the best. It may be the shelves, the amount of space you have on the floor, or the layout of the wardrobe. Once you’ve identified the best features of your wardrobe you can decide how you can use them.


No matter what features you find, one of the first things you will need to do is categorise your clothing. Put your pants, dresses, blouses, and intimates in a designated area. 


You can buy a shoe rack on and place your shoes neatly into your wardrobe. Make sure you categorise your shoes as well, put sneakers, sandals, boots, and shoes in their own assigned area on the shoe rack.

Let’s Hang

One of the easiest ways to make your wardrobe look well organized is to have hangers that match. If you currently have a set of mismatched hangers with some of them being plastic while others are metal, it’s time to decide what you want.


If your hangers are in various colours consider making a change as well. Buy yourself a new set of hangers all of the same type and colour. When you hang these in your wardrobe it will make a world of difference in how streamlined your wardrobe looks.

The Final Steps 

It is always the simple things that make the biggest difference. When it comes to your wardrobe doing small things such as buying a shoe rack to organize your shoes, purchasing similar hangers, and ensuring that everything has an assigned spot in the wardrobe have the biggest impact on how organized your wardrobe is.


When organizing your wardrobe make sure that the items that you use regularly are easy to reach. Often, a mess is made when you need to get something in a hurry and can’t easily access it.


Remember to do a spring cleaning every once in a while to ensure that you are not storing items you no longer need.

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