Decorating your children’s rooms can be hard enough but when you have to accommodate two children in one room it can be a nightmare!

You need to make use of the room effectively whilst avoiding any arguments or fights over space.


It may be obvious but it is important to consider your kids beds and sleeping arrangements – for many kids bunk beds bring an element of excitement as well as taking up half the space. While this may spark an argument over who gets the top bunk, this is a one-time fight and once settled it should not be an issue.

However, for some siblings who are prone to fighting it is important to give them their own space and create boundaries. If you have the room for it then twin beds separated by a divider might be the best option for maintaining peace and quiet. Beds with storage underneath also give each child their own storage space!

If you really need to go the extra mile to ensure minimal disagreements you can even split the room in half, either physically using dividers or metaphorically using the décor. Each child gets their own bed, their own storage space, and their own play area. The two halves can even be decorated differently too. Obviously, this only works if you have a room big enough to accommodate this elaborate design.

Space-saving tips

You can gain extra storage space with dual purpose furniture like ottoman style stools or under the bed storage. Custom furniture pieces are ideal to make use of any awkwardly shaped spaces and storage can be added whenever you want to fit it. You can even commission a custom bunk bed with added storage interpreted into it.

If your children are sharing storage, ensure that it can be split equally e.g. get a dresser with an even number of drawers!

Create the illusion of space

White walls are a great way to open up a room and keep it light and airy. You can use feature walls or soft furnishings to add a splash of colour and personalise the space a little more.

Use lighting to brighten the room – bunkbeds and large pieces of furniture can sometimes make a space feel crowded or cramped and you can counteract this by using lighting effectively. Lighting can also help to separate the space if each child gets their own bedside table they can control – but consider the arguments that might erupt come bedtime when one child wants the lights off and one wants the lights on…


No matter how close your children are in age, they probably have a lot of differences, and it is important to encourage them to express this individuality! Do not try and get everything to match or flow, let them have their own distinct space even if it clashes. It is key that each child has their own space that they are happy with and do not feel like one of them is dominating the space.

Sometimes dividers are essential, do not be afraid to physically separate the two halves of the room if you need to.

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