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I recently wrote about a disconnection between Arlo and myself, and the fact that I wasn’t feeling particularly happy with the ‘Stay at Home Parent’ role.

I actually wanted to be anywhere but home. It wasn’t fun at all. And any time I did try to think outside the box, do something different in an attempt to pull Arlo and I out of our respective funks, I was rewarded with more tantrums and protests than usual, that in turn leaving me with a distinct sense of disappointment and a resolve not to bother again.

This month, I have eagerly handed over the parenting reigns to Sam at every opportunity. I spent a weekend seeing friends. I spent most weekends working whilst Sam did all the child wrangling.

My mind definitely seems to be in conflict about the whole Stay at Home thing at the moment. I signed Arlo up for a fourth morning at preschool, because having a whole day to fill on both Mondays and Fridays seemed too much. But I felt sad about it, because the plan all along had been for Mondays and Fridays to be our chance to have fun days, like it used to be before preschool was even part of our life. Signing him up for another day at preschool was declaring a failure on the Monday/Friday funday idea. Admitting that I can’t force fun onto him, and that maybe a bit more breathing space is just the best option for now.

But I was still craving the fun times. I thought I needed time away from parenting. Actually, what seems to be helping most is spending more time with Arlo.

Running my own business in my spare time means that, in my busy periods, weekends aren’t really weekends. Most of our time is spent separated – Sam taking the children out for walks whilst I catch up with my work at home. But in the time I don’t spend with them, I miss them. Sunday evening rolls around far too quickly, and I realise that Sam and I have hardly spoken all weekend, let alone Arlo and I.

So, this weekend I made a change. Despite it being my busiest time of year, I ignored all work on Saturday. We spent a really low-key day shopping in Croydon, we were together all day, and Arlo was happy. In the afternoon, as the day grew dark, we settled in our living room for a family night in. I wanted to make the most of the opportunity to reconnect with Arlo, and so I popped to our local Tesco to make sure that our family time involved some of his favourite things – Malteasers, popcorn, and a snacky dinner in front of the TV.

What you see below is the result of me playing around with my new camera’s remote access features. I have felt so busy/lazy recently that I could not even be bothered to put on decent clothes or brush my hair for photos that I knew would be going on this blog. But in spite of my unashamed slovenliness, I really quite like the resulting time-lapse effect of our family afternoon together.

IMG_1794 IMG_1802 IMG_1804


IMG_1815 IMG_1818 IMG_1822 IMG_1823 IMG_1826


IMG_1838 IMG_1829

For the first time in a while, I greeted the start of the week with a brighter sense of positivity. I’m really glad that I seized the opportunity to spend quality time with Arlo this weekend, and that he was receptive to having a good time. Sam and I have both noted that Arlo has been in a much better mood in the last week, and I am quietly hoping that we might have turned a corner.

I have also made a new resolution for my own sake. There is no longer pressure for Mondays to be funday Mondays. If someone is not in the mood, that’s fine. But it’s my one full day with Arlo, and so I’ve decided that on Mondays, I forget about work. It doesn’t matter how behind I am, who has emailed me, how long the to-do list is. It can all wait until Tuesday. For one day a week – no more juggling childcare and work, no more guilt that I should be doing one thing more than the other. On Mondays, there is no worrying that I’m going to look back and realise I’ve missed out on precious time with my children. For one day a week, I am just doing the Stay At Home parent thing, and the rest can wait.

We might not be having fun, but at least nothing is getting done ….or something like that.


  1. I’m so glad you had a wonderful day – perhaps taking the pressure off Mondays to be fun, and not hitting yourself over the head with the work guilt will do the trick – fingers crossed. I’m trying really hard to relax and let go on my weekdays at home and not sweat it if I don’t get all the chores done in favour of just enjoying being with the girls and so far we haven’t run out of clean clothes so I think I can claim success!

  2. I LOVE these photos Chloe. I’m so pleased things are a bit better and having one day of just focusing on the kids is such a good idea and one that I think I will try and implement. I’m always in the middle of so many things and it makes me stressed and unable to focus but like you said it is easy enough for things to just wait for one day x

    1. Being in the middle of so many things is very stressful, I feel that way most days. And it all seems so heightened when you are getting such poor sleep (as I know we both are right now!!)

  3. This is such a good post – I totally get where you coming from. It’s easy when you work for yourself to get caught up in things, not wanting to ever turn work down, and I find that the less time I spend with my family, it’s like the less I WANT to spend with them. I think this is partly that I forget that it can be fun and partly because I find it harder to switch off from work. It’s so important to make the time though. Beautiful photos too.

    1. Yes, I completely understand everything you have written, and it’s much the same for me. Working from home (and for yourself) is a tricky thing!

  4. After reading your previous posts about how you have been feeling at the moment I am so glad to read a lovely update like this. You really deserve it.
    And I’m glad you’re not putting the pressure on yourself to make the days you have together too “fun”. I think the unplanned, take it easy days tend to be the most fun 🙂
    Fab photos, especially being in black and white xx

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