Have you recently booked a vacation in Europe?

Do you want to be sure that you’ll be sporting all the most stylish and trendy fashion pieces of the moment? If you’re ready to build the ultimate European vacation wardrobe, then these are the three pieces you will want to pack for sure. These pieces are meant to get you through long days of touring the sights and attractions, while keeping you comfortable in any type of weather. They will also ensure that you look incredible in all the photos you snap while on holidays.

High End Designer Sneakers

When you hear the word “sneakers” you don’t often think of high-fashion. The problem is that sneakers tend to be the most comfortable option when you’re doing a lot of walking and touring of the various sights while on holidays. You don’t have to worry about getting your heels stuck in the cobblestone walkways, uneven surfaces won’t be a problem, and you’ll have the added support of a sneaker which means your feet will stay comfortable for longer.

The perfect solution is to look at designer sneakers, such as the Balenciaga sneakers through SSENSE. You’ll look as though you just stepped off the fashion runway, but yet your feet will be supported and comfortable all day long. Keep in mind that designer sneakers can be paired with jeans, capris, sundresses of any length, and shorts – as they are extremely versatile.

The Ultimate Travel Purse

Rather than using the standard backpack for touring around, why not opt for a designer purse that makes a statement and still offers you the kind of space you need? You can go for something like a high-end leather hobo style purse, or something more structured like these bags from Lug. You’ll want to give thought as to what you plan on carrying with you and then figure out what size and configuration would work best.

For example, a hobo style bag carries a lot of items but doesn’t tend to have compartments. Meanwhile the Lug bags are an example of a bag that has all kinds of compartments, which is ideal for organization.

The Modern Trench Coat – Versatile and Highly Fashionable

Now, when it comes to the ideal jacket to pack for your European vacation, the modern trench coat is ideal for those in-between seasons of spring and fall. For the winter, you’ll need something heavier, and then in the summer you can usually make do with a cardigan. The modern trench coat can be dressed up or down, comes in various colors and prints (no need to stick to basic beige), and has the all-important belt for cinching in your waist. You can pair it with dresses and jeans, and it is perfect for keeping you dry and warm.

Looking Stylish and Trendy While on Holidays

These three key pieces will ensure that you look like you just stepped out of a fashion magazine while you’re busy enjoying your holiday in Europe. Not only that, but they are each practical in their own way.

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