I’m afraid that the ‘This time last year’s in the lead up to Arlo’s birth have started already. This uncharacteristic but wonderful October heatwave has set me off on a reminiscing tangent as I tried to remember what the weather was like last year.

This time last year I was celebrating friends’ birthdays.

This time last year I was feeling too pregnant to be at a packed out pub at night time.

This time last year everyone took bets on the date that I would go into labour. Bets for the next few days were being placed and I remember thinking ‘Nooo, the house isn’t ready. I’m not ready. This isn’t happening yet’.

This time last year Sam and I (with the help of some of our very lovely friends) were in the midst of the mad rush to sort out our house – various DIY jobs, plastering (oh, that dreaded plastering dust), installing the cooker, laying flooring downstairs and carpet in what would become Arlo’s room. We had moved in the week before and completed a 2 day antenatal course that same weekend. It was mad stressful.

This time last year it was cold and pissing it down. I drove home from the pub (with a drunken Sam) in torrential rain that managed to create puddles on the floor inside the car.

This time last year Sam woke early (well, we thought that was early for a Sunday before Arlo arrived) with a pounding head to sand a concrete floor. He still doesn’t like to talk about that one.

This time last year I cried after an electrician drilled two unnecessary holes from Arlo’s room into our kitchen, before announcing that he was, after all, unable to fit our cooker.

This time last year I had just started going to bed wondering if tonight or tomorrow was going to be ‘the day’.

This time last year we were two weeks away from meeting Arlo.

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