As the sun descends below the horizon like a fiery orange ball, the city’s lights flash and the city of Melbourne wakes up in a hurry.

So, check out the flight deals at Cathay Pacific right now, because Melbourne is livelier than any other destinations of Australia, more at night than during the day. A small tip: to make your flight to Melbourne funny and enjoyable,  prepare a gaming equipment and you will not feel bored.

  1. Wander through the stalls in Europa Night Market.

The ideal spot to spend the cool winter nights or summer evenings in Melbourne. Walk around the plenty of restaurants and pick your portion from one or many of over 25 restaurants, all with super quality foods. It gets lively just after 6.30 pm and easily accessible via public transportation which makes this market always occupied with people. There is a huge range of dishes from savoury, hot and cold to spicy and sweet. I’m sure that your taste buds will go crazy. Except for the mouthwatering cuisine, other stalls have a long list of things to purchase from jewellery, Mexican art, and street arts to bags, hats and textiles.

  1. Rotate on the Melbourne Star Observation Wheel.

This is activated in the daytime as well but seeing Melbourne through sparkling lights at night is worth a lot. And if the climate is favourable everything in the city is seen more clearly. The Melbourne Star Observation Wheel is mostly about a very unique way to see the fantastic Melbourne. During the school holiday period, children are offered with free-flying opportunities. The total rotation of the wheel takes almost 30 minutes. You can buy a ticket either online or over the counter.



  1. A scenic dinner cruise on Yarra River.

A river cruise is an experience that can offer a lot from a romantic dinner with your loved partner to meeting ups with family and friends or attracting co-workers at Christmas parties. There are night cruises as well as day cruises which range from one-hour trips to half-day trips. You can arrange the drinks or meals according to your taste and the sanitary facilities are all provided on board. It creates a super cool vantage point by offering spectacular sightseeing options.


  1. Head to the Comic Lounge

Have fun nights every week for just $16 at Melbourne’s largest comedy hub, The Comics Lounge. The comedy acts and speeches of the world-famous comedians like Carl Barron, Dave Hughes and Kitty Flanagan will make you laugh to the core of your heart. Laughing is like a pill to relieve one’s stress.


  1. A night ride around the city on the classic carriage.

Take to the streets under the night lights in Melbourne on a horse-drawn classic carriage to experience the fantastic late hours of the day. The carriage will be guided by a trained driver dressed in a traditional driving kit. Those glorious horses follow the route through St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Parliament House. Chinatown, Swan Street Bridge, the Remembrance Shrine and the Arts Centre. The tours are available only from Thursday to Sunday.


  1. Sip some drinks from late-night bars.

Melbourne city is famous for the small-bar culture that flourished in the 1990s. Modern bars are scattered all around the city of Melbourne like mushrooms in a garden. To quench your thirst, hunting a drinking destination is not a difficult task at night in Melbourne. The Magic Mountain Saloon is a restaurant that serves Thai food until the late hours of the night. Try some burgers from The Bar Ampere. Dinners with French wine are outstanding at France Soir.


  1. Bowling with friends at Strike.

Are looking for a place to have fun with your friends at night in Melbourne? The strike is your destination. Shake your legs for Karaoke while enjoying bowling experiences. Do not hesitate as the Karaoke belongs to the latest hits. This place is mostly occupied with young locals and yet fantastic for young foreigners. The strike is open only on Sundays and Mondays. Besides the karaoke tunes and bowling fun, its bars serve a big variety of foods, drinks and snacks. There are some escape rooms for groups of friends to try new things. To get to this entertaining activity centre, Strike ran to the third floor of Melbourne Central.

  1. An overnight safari with Werribee Open Range Zoo.

A wonderful zoo with lots of animals in the open area and cages. If you are looking for a nice walk at night in a park with animals here and there minding their own business, this is your destination. So many animals from giraffes, Rhino, Antelope, Bull, hippo and birds who are living in a manmade savanna. The total place is pretty nice and peaceful. The night safari will be remarkable with nocturnal animals. The sunset safari tour is mostly centred near Rhinos. The dinner provided is delicious. It creates a warm atmosphere at night by African music and dancing. As soon as the wild nights begin the dinosaur models come to life with lots of lights and sounds.


  1. Eureka Skydeck 88 for a spectacular sunset view.

This is one of the best places to look at the whole of Melbourne. The city is amazing with night lights. Its glass floor can make some people scary. It is recommended you visit the place in the evening to catch the best moments of sunset. Do not forget to grab a cup of coffee while you enjoy the night Melbourne skyscrapers.


  1. Enjoy at Luna Park.

This is a family-friendly night destination. A good place to hang out for a while when in Melbourne at late hours of the day. Luna Park features a roller coaster, giant wheel, haunted train and many more amazing rides at night as well as day. The bird’s eye view from the giant wheel at night is spectacular. It is also a popular spot for photography. There are some gift shops as well.

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