Sleeping is one of those activities that is both a necessity and a joy.

There’s nothing quite like snuggling down into your duvet, wrapping the plush softness around you, and simply enjoying the cocoon-like feel of your bed. It’s often the reason so many of us want to lie-in longer come the morning!


For most people, their bedroom is a haven, a space in which to relax and unwind after a long day at work. As such, a lot of interior designers always emphasise the importance of making your bedroom inviting and soothing. But what happens when your bed is preventing you from achieving that atmosphere? 


When it’s your bed that’s the problem, it’s time for you to purchase a new one. However, with so much choice available, both instore and online, it can be difficult to know which is the right option for you. You don’t just want to focus on affordability, but also the materials it’s made from, how it feels to lie on, and, ultimately, its comfort level. 


Memory Foam

Memory foam mattresses are one of the most common options for mattress shoppers. Defined by the moldability of its man made filling, these beds adapt to your weight as you shift during the night, thus giving a more peaceful nights sleep. You don’t have to worry about being poked by broken springs as it ages, and due to the variance in firmness, they’re a good option for those looking for extra support. Due to the materials used, while memory foam has hypoallergenic properties, it can also mean that they trap the heat more, which can make for a hot night’s sleep.


Natural Fibres

A less commonly heard about type of bed is one made from natural fibres. These options can be more expensive, but for that price you take home a naturally made piece of furniture which is better for environmental sustainability. A naturally made bed, free of chemicals, isn’t just good for the environment but for your personal health as well. What is more, this option is much better for those who desire extra warmth to help them sleep. Staying warm with natural fibres is particularly beneficial for those living in colder parts of the world, or those who have a poorly insulated house. 


Hybrid Beds

If you like the sounds of different types of mattress properties, but can’t decide on which to choose, a hybrid may be the better option for your needs. Usually comprised of pocket springs, memory foam, natural fibres, and so on, they’re an all rounder in comfort and support. If you and your partner have different requirements for a new bed, this will likely be the choice that offers the happy-medium you’re looking for. 


Bed shopping isn’t always a fun task, but by doing some research and analysing what you need from your bed, you can work towards creating a more enjoyable sleep experience. In doing so, you should begin to feel well rested and refreshed in no time. 

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