Buying a forever home is exactly that – purchasing a home that you plan on living in forever.

However, you need to make sure that this isn’t something you’re going to be doing again and again. If you don’t consider the following when buying your forever home, you could easily end up buying a place that isn’t right for you. 

Is Your Living Situation Likely To Change In The Future?

You need to think carefully and realistically about your living situation and whether that is likely to change in the future. If hand on heart you can say your family will not grow any larger, then buying a forever home is a good move. However, if you don’t know what the future holds and there’s every possibility you’ll end up having more kids, you should probably wait a while. 

What Can You Comfortably Afford? 

Your forever home isn’t about purchasing the most expensive home you can afford at the expense of everything else. It’s about buying a home you can comfortably afford, with money to spare. You want to make sure you can still save money for emergencies, that you have money for the odd luxury, and that you’re not going to resent spending so much on your house. Working this out carefully right from the start and sticking to your budget is key. 


How Far Are You Comfortable Being Away From Family And Friends?

Being away from family and friends can be liberating for some. However, it can also be difficult. Who will take care of your kids if you need a sitter? Is it likely you will get lonely after a while? Hiring movers to help you into your new home is a great idea, as they are qualified and know how to look after your stuff – but every so often, you will still need help from your friends. 

What Catchment Area Would You Be In?

The catchment area you’re in can affect the school that your children are eligible to go to. This is something many parents like to think about before sending their kids off to school. Do your research on the best schools in the area and which you think would best suit your kids and go from there. Some parents buy an address in the catchment area even if it means not living in it and selling it soon after.

What Is The Neighborhood Like? 

The house might be nice, but what about the neighborhood? Is there any crime that you know of? Anything to worry about? Any plans for more houses to be built? These are all things you should be aware of. 

Are There Amenities And Transport Links Close By? 

You want to have shops nearby, as well as transport links to ensure that your family can live a high quality of life in this house. Unless you want to be their taxi driver until they can drive, then you should consider buying a place with many transport links available. 

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