Your partner has been going on about it for ages, and they’re still not letting up.

There’s a spare room in your home – or perhaps a basement, attic or garage – and they want to convert it. Fair enough, what shall we convert it to? It’s the question you initially ask with bright eyes, only to be confronted with the prospect of a man cave. 


That’s right, they want to create a man cave in your home. It’s a touchy subject as you feel like they’re getting an entire room to themselves. Why should your attic become their own little haven instead of something you can both enjoy?! But, the more you think about it, the more reasons there are to potentially consider this. It’s still a tricky debate, and here are the pros and cons of a man cave in your home:


Pro: More me time

A man cave doesn’t just mean your partner can enjoy some time alone, it means you also have some me time. While they’re tucked away in their den, you can relax on the sofa and enjoy your living room in peace. Watch whatever you want on the TV and unwind with a glass of wine. You love your partner, you really do, but it’s nice to have an opportunity for some me time. 


Pro: Add value to your home

Yes, a man cave is still a renovation that converts a useless part of your home into something practical. As a result, you can increase the value of your property. Certainly, if you were to sell your home and move out, the inclusion of a man cave will make your house more desirable to many. Well, it doesn’t have to be advertised as a man cave, you can easily pass it off as a ‘study’ or additional living room. 


Con: A one-sided investment

The biggest issue with a man cave is that it all feels very one-sided. It will cost money to hire builders to renovate a room in your home and turn it into a man cave. It’s a decent investment and one that you don’t get a lot out of from a personal perspective. True, it boosts property value and gives you more time alone. But, how come your partner can spend all that money and you can’t? Perhaps a fairer trade-off is if they renovate it themselves or let you pick a renovation that’s just for you as well. 


Con: You lose a room

Lastly, you lose a room when a man cave is added to your home. What if you needed that room in the future? Imagine you have another child a year or so down the line, and you suddenly need another bedroom. That man cave in the attic doesn’t look like a good idea anymore! Of course, it’s hard to know the future, but it’s definitely fair to be against this idea if you want to maybe keep a spare room just in case. 


All in all, a man cave could be a great addition to your home, or it couldn’t! It boils down to how many rooms you have in your home and your relationship with your partner. If you’re both okay with the idea, then go ahead!

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