One of my major blogging niggles is that it often feels like there is not enough time to blog everything on top of juggling parenting and work. Out of the three things, blogging is definitely the last priority.

When time is tight, I find myself blogging about the big moments and milestones, and neglecting the inbetween. But those bits are just as important. They are more a part of our story than anything else, actually. This wasn’t an issue last year when I was doing the 365 project, but I’ve certainly been feeling anxious this year that all too often I’m glossing over the every day.

So here is a post about what we’re up to at the moment.

I’m currently trying to get everything in order for when I start taking photo session bookings again. Website admin, tax admin, and finding the time to finally write-up blog posts of all the sessions I did in the run up to Rory being born. I have approximately 30 mins a day to do this, whilst contending with a half-broken computer (which is a huge time waster, unsurprisingly).

I’ve also signed myself up to have a stall at an NCT baby fair next month. I have no idea how effective these things actually are at bringing in custom, but I’m eager to try it out and see if it’s something I’d like to do more of. At the very least, it’s good practice for getting back into work mode, and a good chance to chat to some parents about what they would like from a family photography session. Any tips for how to make a photography stall look awesome on a budget would be most appreciated!

We are getting used to the new routine with Arlo now at preschool three days a week. On those days, I have approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes at home without toddler mischief. But, I still have Rory. So, realistically, on a good day that’s maybe 1 hour of actually getting stuff done. During that hour I am steaming through the to-do list. Rory has decided he doesn’t need to nap during the day anymore save for 10 mins here and there, so there’s no nap window to take advantage of.

And Arlo?

He has been to three preschool sessions and so far we couldn’t have asked for a smoother transition. He bounds in every morning shouting “BYE MAMA”, and he’s full of stories afterwards. Naturally, I was apprehensive about him starting, and those first few sessions were a bit nerve-wracking (for me, he was fine). But by the third day I was feeling a lot more confident. My suspicions that he was totally ready for this move are confirmed. As he did when his brother came into his life, he has once again totally made me proud with how seamlessly he handles a massive change.

The best part is the last five minutes before the session ends. Watching him through the window, immersed in his preschool world. And then that massive grin as he runs outside to greet me. A mixture of pride, excitement, and relief that I’m there, splattered all over his face. A look that says “I had a great time, but I’m so pleased to see you” – it’s the best.

He doesn’t realise that his expressions are as obvious as they are to me. And so he says just the right words to let me know that he still likes me just as much as preschool.

“And when I come outside, I see you, and you give me a big cuddle, don’t you? I like that”.






  1. you,ve put into words what I feel sometimes with blogging. I’ve kept up with the photo a day blog but have dropped the ball on blogging photography sessions. Good luck with the market I’ve been once really enjoyed the experience hope it goes well x

  2. I love what you wrote about those five minutes looking in the window before pre-school ends. Such a special time. I TRY this with mine, but there is always some well intentioned but nosey (invariably a girl!) child who will spot me and call out “Thomas, your mum is here!” the minute I get to the window. And so he stops whatever very important, clever and new-to-me thing he was about to do and runs to the door. Not that I mind 😉

    Love the picture of Rory with his shirt half on/off. SUCH a happy face 🙂

  3. Just recently I’ve been trying to go back through archives to find entries I thought I wrote about details I was trying to remember only to discover I never got round to it, and that makes me sad because it’s one of the reasons I blog – so I feel you on the “not enough time” thing.

    I can’t get over how happy Rory looks. I want one of those babies 😉

  4. Ah so pleased he is getting on well, Iyla starts next week and I really think she will be fine but it’s hard to say! I find time to anything a big problem at the moment, Jobey has suddenly become really demanding and it makes doing anything in the evening hard too! I have so much blog ready, blog writing and email replying to do and that’s without a job on top of it! x

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