There is a lot to remember when you are preparing to travel abroad as a family.

Are everyone’s passports in date? What is our baggage allowance? What are the emergency numbers for the country we are visiting? Is our travel insurance valid?

One really important aspect of family travel, that is surprisingly often overlooked, is procuring medical travel insurance.

Standard travel insurance does not always include medical issues, so don’t make the mistake of assuming you are covered. Often travel insurance just covers the costs of your flights and luggage, should something happen to affect travel.


Travelling as a family automatically ups your chances of someone in your travel party needing medical help during your trip, simply because there are more of you than when you undertake a trip as a solo traveller.

You can check if your existing travel insurance policies cover any medical situations and conditions. Or for greater peace of mind, you can purchase dedicated medical travel insurance.

Why do I need medical travel insurance?

In the UK, we are incredibly lucky to have the NHS. But this does mean that we often forget that many other countries have a medical service that you have to pay for, often at sky high rates. An unexpected trip to the doctor or hospital stay could soon rack up a huge bill – WAY more than the cost of the holiday itself. Check out this article for more information on whether you need travel insurance. 

If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you will certainly need medical travel insurance to make sure you are fully covered in any eventuality.

In the event of a serious injury or illness, you may find yourself needing to organise a flight home for further care in the UK (and to avoid further costs of care abroad). Depending on the severity of the condition, it may not be possible to fly home on a standard plane, and many airlines do not allow the transfer of a high risk patient. In this situation, you would need to arrange a private flight, possibly with a medical team on board. This is called repatriation, and without medical travel insurance, can cost as much as a six figure sum.

We love to travel as a family, but it often takes us years to save up for a trip. We certainly could not afford the costs of medical care abroad, so having good medical travel insurance is extremely important to us when we travel. Medical insurance doesn’t have to cost a lot, and is a small price to pay compared to the cost of medical care abroad.

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