Raising a family can take all kinds of toil on the home around you; your children are very good at making a mess, and being energetic with everything they do, and you’ve definitely got the cracks to show for it!

Even as an adult, your home can take a few hits over the years, and having a young family to boot can amplify that damage by tenfold. 

And so, it’s important to know the most common repairs you’re going to have to do as your family gets older. If you know ahead of time, when you’re thinking of starting a family or expanding one, you’re going to be able to prepare! 


Holes in the Walls

Kids have knees, and these knees can be driven straight into the walls when they’re running around, or tripping down the last couple of steps on the stairs. And thus, you’re probably going to be dealing with a bit of wall damage here and there as your kids get older and older. 

Even when you’re children are playing with their toys, which can sometimes be thrown around and go awry, your walls might be in danger. Kids usually underestimate their own strengths, so try to make a rule of ‘no ball games indoors’!

But to try and patch up these holes, make sure you’ve got some spare plaster tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. The putty kind is best, and you can easily coat it again with a second layer, to make sure the repair sticks. 

Dips and Marks on the Floor

Kids can scratch and mark whatever floor they’re walking/crawling/jumping about/playing on, and you never know when a giant runner in the carpet is going to appear. If you’ve just had a new carpet put in, and suddenly it’s all over fluff and running strands, you’ll probably be tearing a bit of your hair out right about now. 

But a carpet can be easily patched up, and a hardwood floor can be easily sanded over. And remember, when the dip or crack in the floor is deep, and you’re not sure when it ends, hiring a Flooring Company to take a look might be the best idea. 

Dirt Everywhere!

As we mentioned above, kids can get messy. They can spread all kinds of dirt throughout the house: mud, grass stains, grease, vomit, crayons, felt tip pens, paint etc., and the list really can go on and on. Over the years, these dirty marks can add up, and do a bit of damage to the structure you’re living in. 

Grease stains alone can make your kitchen less waterproof than it used to be, and permanent marker lines all over the wall can lower the value of the house by quite a margin. After all, when these have settled into the walls, they’re hard to budge!

There you go! A young family is meant to have fun in the house they live in, but make sure you set some integral boundaries before hand. 

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