The sun is finally starting to stream back through our windows after a long, gloomy winter, and this means the return of the ‘good light’ in our bedroom and Arlo’s room.

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Even better – after an age of trying to coax him into even glancing in my direction, Arlo has suddenly decided that the camera is great fun, and is even up for taking some basic direction (maybe the break from the 366 project has helped make the camera feel a bit more special? I don’t know, but I’m not complaining!)


web ready20-001 It’s becoming a bit of a thing on a bright morning to go upstairs for fifteen minutes of photo-time. He’s happy to be messing around, and I’m happy that he’s happy to indulge my hobby.

We’ve had some fun with this little routine.

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    1. Thanks Lucy. Our living room is always a dark hole no matter what time of year but it’s probably just as well as it’s the least photogenic room in the house!

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