If you are entering the third trimester of your pregnancy, you might be feeling more like a beached whale rather than a glowing mum-to-be.

It can be challenging to feel good about yourself when you are suffering from swollen ankles, aching joints, and needing to run to the loo every five minutes because of the position of your little one. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t treat yourself. You need to think about yourself as well as your imminent arrival. Take a look at this ultimate guide to help you feel good when pregnant.

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If the physical aspect of being pregnant is making you feel down, low, or unwell, a spot of yoga specifically designed for pregnant ladies could be for you. These sessions that can be conducted in person or online are ideal to help relieve those aching joints and back niggles. By positioning your body into a range of different postures, you may find your body becoming more flexible and you can find yourself sleeping better at night. Yoga is an excellent exercise to keep you supple and to relieve mental anxieties. Breathing exercises alongside yoga can give you a sense of mindfulness and help you to feel more positive about your experience being pregnant. Yoga is something that you can do when pregnant and when you are a first time mum to help maintain your mental and physical well being.




If you are struggling to squeeze into your size ten skinny jeans, don’t panic. You will do once again, but you have more important things to worry about. Your baby is growing healthily and you need to adapt your wardrobe as you get larger in your third trimester. Remember, this won’t last forever. While some women adore being pregnant, others find it tricky. Don’t worry if you are finding being pregnant a challenge. Take a look at For Your Little One and check out the maternity clothing on offer. This range may once have been the realm of elasticated unflattering jeans and dungarees, but designers and the high street are paying much more attention to the fashion credentials of maternity clothing. Treat yourself and adapt your wardrobe for your newfound shape.

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Pamper Yourself


Don’t wallow in your home and feel low. Instead, treat yourself. Head out with a friend and go to the salon to have a brand new haircut. Think about venturing to a spa and enjoy some reiki, a spot of swimming, or some beauty treatments. Specialist massages for ladies in their third trimester can make your feel good about yourself, relax you, and soothe any pregnancy related pains you may be having. Pampering yourself allows you to switch off from the stresses of real life and escape for a little while. Enjoy your softer skin, your soothed ankles, and your ability to get a good night’s sleep.


Feeling good about yourself when you are heavily pregnant can be difficult. However, by following this guide, you can feel better about yourself and find a more positive outlook.

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