A swing set is a great addition to a family garden. 


The swing is many a child’s firm favourite thing to do at the playground, enjoyed by all age ranges – from babies to teenagers, even adults!

What are the benefits of a swing set?

There are lots of benefits of owning a swing set. Swing sets encourage physical exercise and help improve your child’s mobility. A swing set may even increase your child’s athletic ability, thanks to better hand eye coordination, balance, and spatial awareness – all skills that naturally develop whilst using a swing set. 

What is better – a metal or wooden swing? 

Wooden swing sets can sometimes need a little treatment and upkeep, but they are a lot more durable than a metal swing set. A good quality wooden swing will last many years, compared to a metal swing that is prone to rust over time. 

What different types of swing seats are available?

The beauty of a swing set is that once you have your swing set structure in place, you are able to choose any type of swing to attach to it. From a standard swing seat to big circular nest swings, there are lots of different options. You aren’t tied in to just one type of play equipment forever, you can change your swing seats as easily as you change your moods. A double swing set allows for you to have two different types of swing seat units at once. With so many adaptable options, it’s impossible for your children to tire of their swing set. 

What age should I buy my child a swing set?

Purchase your swing set early on in your child’s life to get the most use out of it. Swing sets can be used from baby age, with specially designed baby swing seats, which you can switch out for seats designed for older age ranges as your child grows. 

Will a swing set fit in my garden?

A single swing set takes up hardly any space at all. If you have more room in your garden, you may want to consider a double swing set, perhaps even some modular add-ons. 

A swing set doesn’t have to be JUST a swing set. Climbing frame and swing set specialist Wickey have a great range of swing sets with extras. How about this fun target practise swing set? You can also add a slide or a sand box to your swing set, anything is possible with modular swing sets! 

A swing set is a great investment that, if treated with care, could offer a lifetime of fun for both your own children and potentially future grandchildren, too!

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