As a family of five, we’re always in need of more space, and it’s easy for our home to look cluttered and small.

I also know how it feels to have a home that looks cramped and tiny, and to feel ashamed that I can’t afford a better place to raise my family.

For many, the reality is that with high house prices, soaring rent and poor credit, the only option is to choose a small property. If you’re in this position, then here are some tips on how you can use your décor to create a cosy space that stands out and looks much bigger than it actually is.

Try an open plan layout

Separating your rooms with walls and creating a rigid layout for your home can make it feel cramped and crowded, so try using an open floorplan instead. This might involve complicated and costly renovations, but if you’re investing money into improving your property then it’ll be worth it. If you’re not able to afford to renovate your home completely, then consider using techniques like replacing doors with bead curtains or spreading your bulky items of furniture around the outside of each room to give it an airy atmosphere.

Choose your flooring strategically

Carpets, rugs and other flooring options can be used to make rooms look bigger, so when you’re choosing what to cover your floor with take into account how it will make your room look. Everything from texture and size through to colour and border make a difference, so take the time to make the best choices for your home so that it looks and feels more spacious and homely. Rugs are easier to maintain than full carpets, so if you don’t want the hassle of looking after a full floor covered in fabric then consider choosing a chic rug that will enhance your space and make it look and feel much more welcoming and warm.

Light colours brighten spaces

Choosing the colour of your walls and décor is important, as darker colours make rooms look smaller and gloomier, whilst lighter colours brighten homes. Try to find a neutral, natural colour for the walls of the larger rooms in your home, as these tend to look good with everything and won’t go out of style. You can always finish off your space with creative decorations once you’ve finished painting to make it feel like home.

Make a statement

One of the easiest ways to draw the eye away from any clutter and make your space look bigger is to create a statement wall. Personally, I love statement walls as they make your home look inventive and unique without much hard work. A great option is this creative map wallpaper that’s currently available at, which comes in a variety of colours and styles so you can create a statement wall that will delight and inspire your guests and family.

Big windows let in more light

Light rooms always look bright and larger, so you should try to incorporate large windows into your home wherever possible. Even if you only have a small amount of space for windows, you should try to include them. Get creative with design and use solutions like portholes and skylights to introduce more light into your home and make it personal to you and your family. I know my kids love to stare out of windows and watch the world go by, so this is an added bonus.

Integrate glass into your interior design

Windows are just one way you can use glass to brighten your home: you could also consider using the material in other areas of your décor, such as your furniture, or even as shelving, to make your space seem larger. The only issue with glass is that it gets dirty easily, and sticky fingers and dust can quickly make it look dull and lifeless, so if you are going to opt for glass in your home then make sure you’ve got the time to keep it clean.

Incorporate houseplants into your décor

Houseplants are beautiful, natural ways to make your home unique and stylish. As well as improving air quality and looking stunning, houseplants can also make your home look bigger, when used correctly. Choose plants that look good and are easy to care for so that you don’t end up spending loads of time watering and pruning them. I’m a big fan of houseplants, but I know how hard it can be to take care of them as well as my family, so I always look out for easy to care for greenery for my home.

Keep your home clean

It might sound obvious, but a dirty, cluttered house will always look smaller and more crowded. As a mum of three, I know how hard it can be to find the time to clean your home from top to bottom, but try your best to keep things as tidy as you can. You should also make the time to clean, or have someone else clean, your windows for you, as these let the light in, and if they’re dirty then they will make your home look dark and dingy.

Use creative storage solutions

When you’ve got a large family like mine, it can be hard to find space in your home for everything you need (and that your kids want)! To help you save space and avoid clutter, get inventive and use space saving techniques to store your precious belongings. This approach is great for DIY enthusiasts and crafters, as you can often make a lot of space saving solutions yourself. My kids have loads of craft supplies, so I like to incorporate these to make my storage spaces look cute and special.

Organise your belongings

As well as storing them strategically, you also need to showcase your belongings in an appealing way. Choose the most aesthetic of your belongings to put on display and hide any clutter away in your cupboards. Use your creative flair to create chic displays that look beautiful and really show off your individual sense of style.

Little details make a difference

Small changes to your home can make a really big difference. With three kids and a blog to run, I don’t have a lot of time to be constantly cleaning, organising and redecorating my house, so I’ve come to appreciate the importance of making small changes that will refresh the space I live in. For example, rearranging your furniture every now and again, deep cleaning your soft furniture or painting the skirting boards can all drastically improve your home and make it look and feel much more spacious.

Get creative with lighting

It’s not just the furniture and décor you need to consider when trying to make your home look bigger; you should also consider using creative lighting solutions to brighten your space and make it look larger and more inviting. There are loads of lightening technology out there right now that can be placed in strategic areas of your home to make it look and feel bigger. I know from experience that this approach will give you a bright yet personal space that you’ll be able to make happy memories in.

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