If you live in the UK, you will once again be in a lockdown situation. Unfortunately, in the run up to Christmas, the time we want to spend at the shops, drinking hot chocolates with friends and visiting family is instead being spent stuck at home in the gloomy winter. If you are feeling sad at the prospect of the run up to Christmas being spent without family, you can guarantee that you are not alone. 


Locked down in your home, you might be looking for a project to keep you occupied in the next few weeks. While you might not want to take on a huge project which will last until Christmas morning, a small DIY job might be a fun way to pass the time until we can see family at the end of December. Here are a few ideas for manageable DIY projects in lockdown!

  1. Re-painting a room in the house.

Perhaps you could paint the kids’ rooms, your own bedroom or a communal space like the bathroom; whatever it is, get your overalls on and start ordering samples! Painting a room doesn’t require too much expense or hassle – the biggest job is the painting itself and covering the furniture – and can brighten up the whole ambiance of the place. If you have been looking at ways to refresh the four walls that you’ve found yourself in this year, what better way than with a fresh coat of paint?


Picking a colour scheme for your next home decor project takes some consideration. Think about the signature pieces of the room – a bed, a couch, a table – and work outwards from there. 

  1. Cultivating some greenery in your home!

One project which is fun, beautiful and healthy is filling your home with greenery. If you have never been “into” houseplants before, they are worth trying. Soon, you’ll find yourself unstoppably researching the best methods for propagation, tropical plants and more!


Why is filling your home with greenery a good DIY project? Well, firstly, houseplants help purify the air in your home. They release oxygen and help cleanse the room of toxins in the air, which they find delicious! In addition, houseplants are a beautiful addition to a bare space; they are a simple, elegant, tasteful and inexpensive way of turning a blank room into a classy one.

  1. Making your own Christmas gifts

If you celebrate Christmas, you might be a little concerned about shopping for gifts now that a lockdown has been put in place. One solution for this worry is a little bit of DIY! Making your own gifts might not be your idea of a relaxing time, but following instructions you can find online, you can make little nick nacks which will make your family and friends happy. Plus, making your own presents adds a personal touch which money can’t buy – and speaking of money, you’ll save a tonne of it this way.


If you are stuck in lockdown and wondering what to do, use this guide to keep you entertained and busy until we can all be together again.

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